A Good Idea: Barrier and Safety Gate for Stairs with a Pallet

Single-family homes and duplexes, have great charm, allow to play with the layout in a way different from a single-storey apartment and separate environments naturally taking advantage of the height, but the stairs also have their disadvantages.

One of these drawbacks is the danger that they pose for children of the House in their first years of life. When children begin to crawl or walk and decide to explore the territory that there is to his around, they tend to find attractive rungs and for security it must be kept away from them. To do this we can do something as simple as a barrier and gate with a pallet, Yes, I said pallet, you know that the pallets are used for all.

The idea is to choose a pallet of adequate size to close the ladder or well cut one so that the dimensions are correct, once we have it we can sand it and varnishing it or paint it, and leave it ready so that we can serve as a barrier.

When it comes to place it on the wall on the one hand to put the hinges and lock allowing that the door opens and closes depending on the needs of each moment, although normal will be the greater part of the day to stay closed.

It is something we can do by ourselves, which requires the minimum investment to buy the hinges and the closing if we don’t have them and that frees us from the big problem associated to the risks for children free access to a ladder.