Agadir – Sun, Swimming and Moroccan Culture

For those traveling to Agadir, located on the Atlantic coast in the southwestern parts of Morocco, a holiday awaits that has both elements of sunbathing and swimming as in many other Mediterranean resorts, but also much more than that. You also get the chance to take part in a lot of oriental culture in Agadir, which is a city with just under half a million inhabitants so it is not a small tourist resort but rather a relatively large city with a lot to experience. There are both avenues lined with swaying palm trees under the hot African sun and more modern shops. The legacy of the French colonial era is also reminded in that there are many restaurants that have food that has taken inspiration from French cuisine on its menus. Here you both swim along the long, beautiful beaches and eat really well, while you get the chance to experience a bit of the Orient’s mystery. You can fly directly to Agadir from Swedish airports without changing in five hours, so even though you end up in a different culture dating back to the past, the travel time is not terribly long to get there.

Agadir - sun, swimming and Moroccan culture

According to themeparktour, the fine sandy beach in Agadir is about six kilometers long and consists of golden sand that the Atlantic winds and currents have swept in from the bottom of the sea and which the sun and wind have since shaped and eroded into fine-grained soft sand. A very wide beach with plenty of space for everything from windsurfing to jet skiing. Of course, there is also room for ordinary sun worshipers and bathing families as well as the occasional tourist, but keep in mind that the currents of the Atlantic can be strong, so do not go too far out to sea if you are not a good swimmer!

Those who follow the beach’s walk in one direction end up at a beautiful marina. There are crowded boats with fine fish restaurants that capture all the good things out in the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the occasional cool lounge bar where you can spend balmy nights and tropical evenings relaxing and looking out over the relaxing sea that never seems to end. In this area you will also find shopping aimed at tourists, with international brand stores selling fine shoes and clothes of a more western kind.

If you instead look back towards land and walk along the beach in the other direction, you will reach mighty dunes and a royal palace.

The average temperature in Agadir is a little less hot than in Marrakech, another inland destination. In Agadir, the average temperature in July is more comfortable 26 degrees, compared to an average temperature of 36 degrees in the desert city of Marrakech. Agadir can therefore be more pleasant to visit even during the summer months because the heat is not as intense.

For those of you who want to have a slightly more active holiday and experience more than sunbathing, swimming and the cozy oriental markets in Agadir, you can try activities such as water skiing and jet skiing, surfing (or try to learn windsurfing), play tennis. or ride. There are also a number of golf courses near Agadir and the possibility of quad biking. Anyone who wants can take a taxi for as little as 10-20 kroner within the city of Agadir and in that way look at several sides of the city.


Here we are talking about another coastal city in Morocco which is located north of Agadir. Here, too, this place will be known for its wood carving and furniture manufacturing. Here you can simply buy your own furniture. Here there will be a good beach that is not so overcrowded. However, there will usually be strong waves and it will also be an automatic place for all windsurfers. The distance between Agadir and this place is a travel time of about 2.5 hours.


There is also talk of a very popular beach and seaside resort, located north of Agadir. Both locals and lots of tourists come here. The Moroccan customer also has a very nice villa in this place. This beach is located at one end of a lagoon, while the other offers the big waves from the Atlantic. This is a beach that is very beautiful, at the same time as it is also child – friendly.

The beginner surfer in Agadir

If you are someone who wants to try surfing for the first time, or who is a beginner in this sport, you are really the one who makes a good choice in Agadir and the various beaches around this city. Oualidia in particular will be a city with a beach that offers the perfect conditions for anyone who wants to learn to surf to those who already have the basic skills. Once you have taken the step up in the hierarchy, you can slowly but surely move on to Taghazout.