Agadir Travel Guide

Agadir is an exotic beach resort

Traveling to Agadir is guaranteed to get sun, a relaxed beach holiday atmosphere and interesting day trips. According to Abbreviation Finder, Agadir is a popular beach resort with miles of sandy beaches, great golf courses and colorful market life.

Agadir Travel Guide

Exotic beach holiday in Morocco

Situated between the hot wilderness and the cooling ocean, Agadir is a pure-blooded beach resort. With around 750,000 inhabitants, Agadir is a familiar holiday destination in recent years that has been on the sidelines for a while. Now the city is making a new comeback and its population is growing.

Agadir’s culture is a mix of West African, Arabic and French traditions. The street view of a city westernized by tourism is a mixture of old and new. In Agadir, modern buildings rise side by side in harmony with colorful minarets, but no minarets have been built in the hotel areas favored by tourists.

The newer part of Agadir is also the marina Marina, built in 2007, where you will find not only handsome ships but also restaurants, entertainment and hotels.

Built in the 21st century, the Marina area offers tourists shops, cafés and restaurants.

Agadir is suitable for Finns in autumn and spring

Agadir Travel Guide 2

Agadir is a favorite tourist destination among Moroccans during the summer, so hotels are often full. The best time for a Finn to travel is in spring and autumn, when the weather is pleasantly warm but not hot, and there is more space in beach resorts.

Agadir also has mild weather in winter, as it is located on the Atlantic coast. The city shines in the sun 300 days a year, which means you can travel there at any time of the year due to the sunny weather.

Beaches and hobbies

Agadir is especially proud of its long and white sandy beach. Nearly ten kilometers of sandy beach can be found both public and private sections of the hotel. The beach is lined with cafes, restaurants and small shops.

However, you don’t have to spend your holiday in Agadir just lounging on a beach chair, as the city has great opportunities for activities. For water sports, Morocco is an ideal destination, as you can surf on this coast. You should look for a water sports setting especially on the beach of Taghazouti.

There are also three golf courses in the immediate vicinity of Agadir, located about 10 km from the center. You can engage in various activities, such as horse riding, hiking and tennis.

Dive into the bazaars

There are many fashion shops on the more modern side of the city, but those looking for cheap shopping should visit the shopping streets near the residential blocks, which are much cheaper than the tourist areas.

The local market, called the Souk , is an attraction in itself. The colorful markets offer interesting things to see, and shops can be made for things like carpets, leather crafts, jewelry, wood crafts or spices. You can bargain here!

Good to know about Agadir

Agadir is ideal for travelers who want to enjoy a beach holiday as well as a variety of activities from water sports to golf. Those interested in culture and history should combine a visit to Marrakech with a holiday . It takes less than three hours to travel to Marrakech by bus.

Agadir is a safe holiday destination and is also suitable for families with children. The weather is pleasantly mild in winter and the average temperature fluctuates around 20 degrees. Winter Morocco is a good choice for a holidaymaker who does not enjoy too much heat. The summer in Morocco is really hot.

Morocco is a Muslim country and the tourist must also respect the local culture. However, as a popular holiday destination in Agadir, there is no need to stress about clothing: tourists can safely walk in summer tops and shorts. In religious places, of course, you need to wear more opaque clothing.


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Agadir hotels also have private pools.

Package tours and flights

Among Finnish tour operators, Matkapörssi makes package tours to Agadir during the winter months. Flights are available to Al Massira Airport, less than 30 km from Agadir.

Norwegian operates direct flights from Helsinki to Agadir once a week during the winter season 2018–2019. The direct flight takes just over five and a half hours. At its cheapest, flights cost just under € 200.

Accommodation in Agadir

Agadir has a long tradition of tourism and there are plenty of accommodation options in the city. Luxury all-inclusive hotels are available for the most discerning travelers, but mid-range Family Hotels and more modest accommodations favored by backpackers are also represented.

Getting around Agadir

The area of ​​central Agadir is easy to reach on foot. Bicycles can also be rented from the hotels for excursions outside the city. Taxis operating within the city of Agadir are called Petit Taxi , while Grand Taxi is a slightly bigger one-way game that also makes trips from one city to another. For example, you can also travel to Taghazouti Beach by local bus.


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The new city can be admired on the way to the ruins of the old town of Agadir, which was destroyed by an earthquake.

The best views of the Kasbah

In Agadir, it is worth the pain of the fortress located at an altitude of more than 230 meters, which opens up the best landscape in the city. The fortress, built in the 16th century, still has external walls, but you can grab some great pictures from the historic site, for example in the port area of ​​Agadir. In hot weather, a more pleasant way to get to the vantage point is a taxi.

Souk al Had – shopping at the bazaar

Souk al Had, also known as the Grand Souk, is the largest bazaar in Agadir, with 11 acres of everything from spices and fruit to leather goods and handicrafts. From the giant market, you can shop for gifts and buy souvenirs from Morocco at home.

Excursions from Agadir

From Agadir it is easy to make excursions to the rest of Morocco. Worth a visit is, for example, the old pirate port of Essaouira, 180 km from Agadir.

One of the most popular excursion destinations is rightly about 250 kilometers inland from Marrakech. The streets of the fascinating city are lined with charming Pink houses, artisan stalls and market buzz.

The towns of Tiznit and Tafraoute, a little closer to Agadir, are also popular excursion destinations, where traveling alone offers stunning scenery along the way.


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The street view of Agadir’s waterfront includes white buildings and palm trees.

Experience these in Agadir

  1. Spend a relaxing beach holiday on the sandy beaches of Agadir
  2. Try surfing
  3. Shop in the colorful markets
  4. Go golfing
  5. Try traditional Moroccan cuisine

The best excursions from Agadir

  1. Spend the day on Taghazouti Beach near the city of Agadir
  2. Take an excursion to the beach resort of Essaouira
  3. Visit the fairytale-like Marrakech
  4. Pain on the top of a hill in the Kasbah fortress to admire the scenery
  5. Try camel riding