Arkabutla, Mississippi Demographics

Arkabutla is a small town located in Tate County, Mississippi. With a population of around 2,000 residents, it is a tight-knit community that offers a peaceful and rural lifestyle. The town is situated near the Arkabutla Lake, a popular recreational area that attracts visitors from all around the region.

According to transporthint, Arkabutla is predominantly composed of White Americans, who make up the majority of the population. African Americans also constitute a significant portion of the community. The town has a rich history and has witnessed gradual changes in its demographics over the years.

In terms of age distribution, Arkabutla has a balanced mix of residents across different age groups. The town is home to families with children, middle-aged individuals, and senior citizens. The presence of families reflects the town’s family-friendly environment and its appeal as a place to raise children.

The educational landscape of Arkabutla is primarily served by the Tate County School District. The district provides education to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The schools in the district strive to offer quality education and extracurricular activities to ensure a well-rounded development of the students.

Economically, Arkabutla is primarily driven by agriculture, with farming being a significant occupation for many residents. The town is surrounded by fertile land, which is suitable for growing crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn, and wheat. Additionally, some residents are engaged in small businesses and services that cater to the local community.

Arkabutla is a close-knit community where neighbors often come together for various events and activities. The town hosts annual festivals and events that bring residents together and foster a sense of community spirit. These events provide opportunities for socializing, networking, and celebrating the unique culture and heritage of the town.

The town’s infrastructure consists of essential amenities like schools, healthcare facilities, and local businesses. However, for more specialized services and shopping needs, residents often travel to nearby towns like Senatobia or Hernando. These towns offer a wider range of services and amenities that cater to the needs of the community.

Despite being a small town, Arkabutla is not far from larger cities like Memphis, Tennessee, which is about 30 miles away. This proximity to a major urban center provides residents with access to additional employment opportunities, cultural events, and recreational activities.

In conclusion, Arkabutla, Mississippi, is a small town with a close-knit community. Its demographics are primarily composed of White Americans, with African Americans also forming a significant portion of the population. The town offers a family-friendly environment, with residents across different age groups. Agriculture is a key economic driver, and the town boasts a rich history and community spirit. While Arkabutla may be small, its location near larger cities ensures residents have access to a wider range of services and amenities.

Location, Weather, and Education of Arkabutla, Mississippi

Arkabutla is a small town located in Tate County, Mississippi. Situated in the northwestern part of the state, it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a rich history. The town’s name originates from the Arkabutla Lake, a prominent feature in the area.┬áCheck towns and cities in Mississippi.

Arkabutla’s location offers both the peace and tranquility of rural life and the convenience of being within reach of larger cities. It is approximately 30 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee, and about 15 miles west of Senatobia, the county seat. This proximity provides residents with access to a variety of amenities, cultural attractions, and employment opportunities.

The weather in Arkabutla is typically warm and humid, as it experiences a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures often exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are generally mild, with temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 60s. Spring and fall seasons bring moderate temperatures and pleasant weather, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

Education in Arkabutla is primarily provided by the Tate County School District. The district is committed to providing a quality education to its students and offers a range of educational programs and extracurricular activities. The district consists of several schools, including Arkabutla Elementary School, which serves students from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Arkabutla Elementary School is known for its dedicated teachers and supportive community. The school focuses on providing a well-rounded education and offers a variety of academic and extracurricular opportunities for students. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each student, promoting their intellectual, social, and emotional development.

In addition to Arkabutla Elementary School, students in Arkabutla have access to higher education institutions in the surrounding areas. The town is within driving distance of several colleges and universities, including Northwest Mississippi Community College and the University of Mississippi. These institutions offer a wide range of degree programs and academic opportunities for students looking to continue their education.

The residents of Arkabutla value education and actively support the schools in their community. They understand the importance of providing a strong foundation for the future generations and work together to create an environment that fosters learning and growth.

In conclusion, Arkabutla, Mississippi, is a small town with a lot to offer. Its location provides a balance between rural living and access to urban amenities. The weather is typical of the southern United States, with hot summers and mild winters. Education in Arkabutla is provided by the Tate County School District, with a focus on providing a quality education for students. With its charming community and commitment to education, Arkabutla is a great place to live and learn.