Attractions in Agadir

In 1960, the Moroccan city of Agadir was hit by a major earthquake that devastated large parts of the city. Three years later, the city was rebuilt and therefore you see a modern center of the city when you come to Agadir which is not so typically Moroccan in its style. With the earthquake, of course, part of the city’s previous history and cultural monuments also disappeared, but if you go outside the center, there is still a lot left. But of course there is a lot to see and experience in the city when you go there today!

Souk El Had d’Agadir

The souk is the local market and is a market that is unique in many ways. Here you can find everything and a little more. The market is the world’s third largest market and this is evident in the range. Here you will find food raw materials, jewelry and accessories, clothes and toys. The entrance to the market can advantageously be purchased before departure.

Agadir Fishing Port

According to thefreegeography, Morocco’s largest fishing port is located in Agadir and is definitely worth a visit to feel the city’s culture. Every morning there is a fishing market in the harbor, you have the opportunity to see when the fishing boats come in with fish or see how a fishing boat is built.

Different festivals

In Agadir there is a wide range of entertainment and festivals. Since 2004, The Timitar Festival returns every summer, which is one of the largest festivals in Morocco. The Timitar Festival focuses on Amazigh culture with African music. Every year, about 40 artists perform and the festival has around half a million visitors each year.
Other music festivals held in Agadir are Noiz Makerz which focuses on urban music and Breaking South which is a national competition in break dance.
The city also offers various major film festivals, including the International Documentary Film Festival in November and the International Festival of University Theater of Agadir.


For the cultural, there are a number of museums in Agadir worth visiting. Among other things, there is The Berber Museum where you can see the local Amazigh culture. The Memoire d’Agadir Museum shows the huge earthquake that the city suffered in 1960 that destroyed large parts of the city. Here you can see the city before and after and read about its history.


A popular tourist destination is the famous crocodile park. Here you can see crocodiles and turtles strolling around the botanical garden with unique and beautiful plants and flowers. You have the opportunity to join and see when the crocodiles are fed and get a guide to learn more about these animals. The park is popular with children and the locals also go there with school classes. In the area there are also several playgrounds for children.

Agadir Tamraght River Valley

Tamraght River Valley is located in the high mountains of the Moroccan mountains Atlas and is also a popular destination for city tourists. Paradise Valley is part of this river and this valley is known for, among other things, the views and the fantastic environment. Here you can enjoy hiking along the river, look at one of the waterfalls that are there or why not enjoy a dip in one of the natural stone pools with turquoise water? You get here by car or bus from Agadir.

Attractions in Agadir