Bathroom Wallpaper – Washable Vinyl as a Piece of Jewelry for the Walls

Who on wallpaper is, certainly thought, this shall also be placed in the bathroom. And thanks to water-proof models, this is also no longer a problem, because these can withstand the high humidity in the bathroom. So just keep finding the right model. They are spoiled for choice, as there are many offers with different designs, motifs and patterns.


For this reason, we would like your attention to the bathroom wallpaper of Glamora steer. Check out below a small selection of models and maybe you choose yes for a  bathroom wallpaper of the Italian brand.

Bathroom wallpaper that is water repellent

If you want to renovate your bathroom and add a wallpaper, you can choose among others this “Jellyfish” (called “Jellyfish”). The bathroom wallpaper is available in four different color variations, including a romantic design in pink and purple. They provide discreet color accents in the neutral bath and thus for a good mood.

Washable bathroom wallpaper

The washable wallpapers are all water, vibration and fire resistant. The materials are environmentally friendly as well as odorless, which mainly refers to the colors used. If you are looking for urban or industrial designs, this bathroom wallpaper will surely please you. “Vanity News” consists of newspaper and butterfly motifs.

Waterproof wallpaper for damp areas

“Shimai” in the bathroom makes for nostalgic exoticism. Shown are Japanese women in kimono, combined with some delicate flowers. For a thoroughly monochrome bath, you can also choose the bathroom wallpaper from Glamora in black and white. The model for an accent wall is combined with a modern bath facility.

Modern and romantic with “Sogni”

With a damp-proof wallpaper as a water-repellent wallpaper for bathrooms, you do not have to worry about ruining them over time. The surface of the bathroom wallpaper successfully removes the moisture and thus guarantees a year-long pleasure in your new wall design. Particularly modern, romantic and urban at the same time, the bathroom wallpaper “Sogni” – the silhouette of a woman from skyscrapers.

Bathroom pattern in vintage style

A selection of colors are also available with the model “Liquid”. The patterns are romantic and are suitable for a nostalgic or vintage style, which can also be combined with modern elements in the bathroom, as in this example with a modern bathtub. The bathroom wallpaper creates a unique atmosphere.

“Ghost” of Glamora

The “Ghost” wallpaper for the bathroom has a mystical charisma and at the same time exotic. The green napkins of the bathroom wallpaper can be combined with a gray bathroom design, as it was done here with concrete optics in the open shower. Each wallpaper is only applied after the walls have been cleared of dirt, dust, moisture and possible cracks.

Wallpapers in the bathroom – “Acropora”

This bathroom wallpaper is called “Acropora”. Their patterns consist of gray and beige nuances, creating a worn-out look, also known as a shabby-chic style. Therefore the wallpaper is very suitable for this style. But also in the modern bathroom, it is very good. Here it is combined with a noble marble floor and a bathtub.

Colorful wallpaper

Wallpaper in the bathroom provide a particularly comfortable atmosphere. If you use a colorful design again, you are guaranteed a cheerful mood. For this purpose, these two models are called “Paisaje” and “Goldfish”. Not only adults enjoy them. If your child has his / her own bathroom, you can choose such a bathroom wallpaper for design.

Attractive nature motifs

This kind of design for the bathroom wallpaper offers Glamora in different variants. Here you see pine branches forming a face. Since model is called “reflexive pine”. The designs are by Gianluca Scolaro, who has already worked with Giugiaro Design, Alfa Romeo and Unicredit. These wallpaper motifs are supposed to represent the union between nature and man.

“Misunderstood” with patchwork design

If you are looking for a patchwork design for tiles, you can imitate it with a bathroom wallpaper from Glamora. In addition, you can select the wallpaper again in any variant. Among other things, the wallpaper is also available in black with white motifs. If you have a tub in the bedroom, you can use the water-resistant wallpaper for the design.

Warm atmosphere

You can choose between a warm and cool atmosphere when you choose the “Lifelines” model. It is offered in two warm and two cold nuances. One thing, however, has all four variants in common and these are the subtle silhouettes of the trees. This bathroom wallpaper has a soothing effect.

Brick motifs

Walls of unplastered brick are very popular in modern interiors. But if you do not have such walls, something else has to come up. So, well, there are now high-quality photo-tapestries with which you can conjure clinker stones on the wall. “Love Street” by Glamora is such a model and is offered in white, pink, decent pink and yellow.

Attractive natural motifs

“Cricket” is a model from the collection “Crust”, which aims to bring nature into its own home. The bark of different trees is shown on all models. In this way, the walls are perfectly placed in any room. Its water-proof property also makes it very good as bathroom wallpaper.

Multiverse collection

The Multiverse Collection was created in collaboration with the well-known designer Karim Rashid. The “Treble” bathroom wallpaper above is a model from this collection. The attractive, graphic design provides Pepp in the bathroom and is offered in three completely different color combinations: with a background in orange, dark blue, light blue or black.

Wallpaper in natural tones “Ant”

This wallpaper also comes from the “Crust” collection. Again, wood is presented that creates a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. The bathroom wallpaper can be combined with walls in similar colors as here with concrete look. The design makes the simple bathroom design seem more lively and even more natural.

Simple and discreet with “Cicada”

As you have already noticed, the models from the “Crust” collection are discreet and natural. “Cicada” is another example of this. Here you can see silhouettes of grasses. The bathroom wallpaper adapts perfectly to the remaining natural materials of stone for the tiles and wood for the wall shelf.

Exoticism and vintage

“Palms” is a green and black bathroom wallpaper that reminds of an exotic jungle. In addition to palm trees, the model also features an attractive, white frame in vintage style, which gives the motif the finishing touch. The pretty wallpaper can of course also be used for every other room, which is also true for every wallpaper.

Wood as a motif for the photo-wallpaper

High-quality technologies allow for photos with stunning quality. Such photos are used to create impressive wallpapers. This is also the model of Glamora from the “Crust” collection, which is called “Mantis”. The surface of a sawed and slightly weathered tree stump is depicted on the bathroom wallpaper. This image makes every room special.

Varied wallpapers for the bathroom

As mentioned above, in this article we have just put together a small selection of wallpapers offered by Glamora. From simple and natural to striking, geometric and colorful motifs, everything is in principle to be found. Just browse the manufacturer’s website and find the perfect bathroom wallpaper for your home.