Build the Game Table with These 20 Inspirations to Imitate

So that the children do not get bored even on rainy or cold days, you have to come up with something that the little ones are concerned about. A great idea in addition to read and play areas so-called table games, which serve different purposes, and ideally guarantee different activities at once. The game table can be used for painting or building with legos, but can also serve other purposes and can even be built for the garden.

We would like to show you some inspiring ideas that can be helpful, if a  building game table itself want. Let yourself be inspired!

Build a game table – ideas for fun on rainy days

Of course you should first consider what kind of employment the new table should offer. For example, you can build a city from existing buildings and railroad. It is possible to simply paint the ground of streets, green spaces and squares on the table while your child builds the city itself. Or you can stick or screw some buildings when you build the game table yourself.

Build a game table – spice up a simple table

The table itself does not have to be anything special. You can cut it to the right size and spice it with some varnish and other decorative materials. In this example, as well as new color, some wallpaper was used to make the table more playful. If you build the game table yourself, you can think of a lot of different things.

Lego game table

Lego game tables or tables for other types of building blocks are particularly popular. The great thing is that they are also very fast, provided you already have a suitable table. To save time, you can simply buy a finished one. Of course you can also deal with the assembly of a table. What you finally use when you build the game table is up to you.

Build a game table – Instructions for a Lego table

In principle, you only need the plates for the floor, if you build a Lego table yourself and, of course, the playing blocks. If you are using more than one plate, you should first attach it to each other using building blocks. So make sure that the correct distance is given later and the stones fit everywhere. Now you can also cut the plates to fit them on the table.

Lego stow away

Then place glue on the back and stick it all firmly. If you build this game table yourself, it is also an advantage if you add some containers for stowing the tiles. For example, drill a bar on one of the sides of the table and hang up the metal bucket. Thus, the stones are always ready for handing and can be sorted according to color.

Children play with Lego

In the following, we have some instructions on how to build such a Lego game table yourself. But do not forget cozy chairs. As the children usually spend a lot of time building with Legosteinen, you can use these seat cushions to provide extra comfort. Also adjust the height of chairs of the table.

A table with several functions

Very original is this variant, in which instead of a table simply several wooden boxes are processed to a play table. In addition, different areas were designed on the table. On the one hand there is an area for Lego and on the other hand for painting, crafts and a table. How to build this game table yourself can be found in the following video tutorial.

Play table itself from wood for painting

Combine a table with a shelf and you will again get storage space for storing toys or pens. Two of the legs are removed from the table. The table plate then comes onto one of the shelves and is thus supported again well. A large piece of paper can be rolled out perfectly on the table. The roll can be placed under the shelf. You can build this game table yourself or use and refactor finished furniture.

Container for utensils

As you can see, containers for storing games and painting utensils are very important. And you are also made fast and easy. You can use any type of container. If you are ready to build the game table yourself, simply take the selected container and screw it to one of the sides.

Storage space in the table top

Another variant is this. A bowl or small crate is simply placed in the center of the table. The container must have a protruding edge for this purpose. When you build the game table yourself, cut a hole with the shape of the container into the table top. This hole must be slightly larger than the container but smaller than the edge so that the container can not slip completely.

Table with table paint

And where we have already shown you a table with a panel color: children love to paint with chalk. So why not give you the opportunity to do this whenever you want. For this purpose, panel color in black or green is used to varnish the tabletop. Once the paint is dried, your child can start painting. A really simple idea to build the game table itself, right?

Multifunctional chalkboard playing table

Do not forget the container when you are building this table yourself. The table table can be designed to be multifunctional. On the one hand, the tabletop is also suitable for painting on paper. You can extend this feature by attaching a paper roll that your child can drag over the table at will and cut it as large as desired.

round table

Here you see again a variant with bowl in the middle, this time a round table was used. This is practical in that the container is easy to reach from all sides. If you build a game table yourself, do not forget proper chairs. These can also be designed to be more appealing.

A play table for building

The play table can also be designed bigger and then be used for building. The wooden rails of a railway can be distributed on it. In addition, the child is then encouraged to move. For the construction of the railway and for playing, the child has to circle the table constantly. If you build a game table yourself, your child can not only benefit from it.

Build a game table for the railroad itself

Instead of a table, simply use a wooden plate of any size, as well as two supporting blocks. The plate is then placed on the blocks and can be screwed down. Your children can now play, paint or tinker. This idea for the game table itself is very easy to implement and also suitable for beginners.

Play with water

Would you like to create more ideas for the game table? Children love to play with water, but this is not really a good idea in the room. Actually…! If you integrate a deep container into the table and fill with some water, your child can not get wet when playing. Put some stones, starfish or other toys into the water and let your little treasure play.

Large play table

This game table is already for some bigger children, who can also reach everything that stands on it. The table has been specially designed for a railway and offers enough space for long distances. If you want to build such a game table yourself, you can use massive desks. Inside, plastic crates are stored, which are used to store the individual toy elements.

Play table ideas for outdoors

A play table is not only suitable for indoors. Even in fine weather, it is good if the children can find employment in the garden. If there is no place for a sandbox, you can transform a picnic table with benches wonderfully and as an alternative to the sandbox. You can easily build this game table yourself. The table top must be removable. Below is a box that you can fill with sand.

Alternative to sandbox

It is similar to this game table. Two plastic crates were filled into the table and filled with sand. One of the boxes can also contain water. In addition there are hooks on which the tools of the children can be hung up as in a real workshop. If you want to build such a game table yourself, let the individual elements in the hardware store cut it or do it yourself. After that, you just build it together.