Container Housing for Students – New Living Concept for Studentenheim

Student housing is a social issue that everyone feels involved in. In the capital of Denmark, two large companies – Menu and CPH Container – collaborate to develop a new housing concept for young students. The result is an exemplary container housing which is functionally decorated and simply decorated in a Scandinavian style.

This can be extended by second, third and so on until a whole dormitory or student Village arises.

Container housing for students – concept for Studentenheim container construction

The project has several advantages. As it goes to used containers, which are upgraded, thereby upcycled, the generated student apartments come at a good price. The favorable monthly costs will attract more interested parties and thus expand the concept for student housing on one for whole dormitory. The containers are transportable and therefore easy to place next to or on top of each other. If necessary, the number of rooms and the size of the living space can be increased.

A new residential concept for Studentenheim – Containerwohnung

The student ‘s dormitory for students works according to the principle of prefabricated buildings, even with regard to interior equipment. This is from the Danish furniture manufacturer Menu supported. Its products are characterized by typical Scandinavian design in neutral colors, matt optics, characterized by functionality. The furniture and living accessories are of high quality and serve as a perfect complement to the lifestyle of modern people.

Student CPH Village – a residential condominium for student apartments

The capital of Denmark – Copenhagen, attracts a greater number of new inhabitants each year, which, of course, need living space. As seemingly perfect solution looks of container construction and it is in this direction works in recent years, the Danish company  CPH container together with the architect Søren Nielsen. They are developing the concept for mobile dormitories, which temporarily provide accommodation for young people, for example during study or practice in another city.

Container housing for students – room design by Menu, Denmark

In student cities, a real challenge is often found in the student dormitory. The container accommodation for students can in principle be extended at any time. Additionally provided designs ensure the installation of second or third container in height or also next to it. Stairs, ladders or multiple inputs and outputs are used to bridge the connection points, making them suitable for use by different people.

Container apartment for students with large windows and isolation from outside wood

In the case of container building, aesthetic aspects play an important role in addition to technical and static prerequisites. The materials for interior construction and furnishings should harmonize with the robust, pragmatic character of the container. The not easy task can be solved by equally sustainable spatial design. Clear lines, perfect materials and multifunctional furniture optimize the space.

Container apartment for students with everything you need

Simply designed furniture, which can be used practically and offer the most useful, are highly appreciated by young people and in cramped spaces. These perform their function without hurting the freedom and are much more focused on the practical.

Container apartment for students with terrace of pallets

A positive trend to notice is the presence of many houseplants, which partly find on the improvised terrace, but also inside. Visually, these create the atmosphere very positively and bring fresh flair. Personal items on the open shelves, as well as chic accents, such as the gold pendant lamp, provide individual touch and do not leave the room glaring or impersonal.