Decorates The Doors of Your Wardrobe with Washi Tape

Imagine that you’ve painted one Cabinet all white now seem boring, and you’ve already bought it so white now is trend… the case is you to imagine that you’ve been with smooth wall and the Immaculate white and that you need to give a touch of color, as for that is the washi tape.

Well, the washi tape is for that and for many other things, already we’ve been seeing some of the applications in Decoesfera and this is another of many. The idea is to make doors smooth, with color ribbon or drawn, a simple decoration that represents a somewhat abstract way, a trim, but not so.

In the image above you can see the materials you need for the project, which could not be easier. What we need is the washi tape of our choice, a tape measure, scissors for the initial cut and a blade to trim excess.

We must then simply deciding how to place the washi tape and go sticking tape following the form desiredin the corner we can refine the cut with the blade and the result is excellent as you can see in the first picture of this article.