Decoration Project of a 3-storey House on the Beach

The decoration project I’m going to talk about today was conducted in a 3 storey house in Oregon (United States) in charge of the interior decoration Studio Jessica Helgerson. The House is situated near the beach and is a place where the family can spend a lot of time.

As we said the House has 3 floors. And the Studio decided to divide the House on 3 levels, each with your own space and their own adjacent dwellings. The intention was to give each level a special feeling of independence.

The style of the upper level is light and elegant. The room contains a large curved sofa nearly 5 meters long Walnut accompanied by an elegant white marble round table and some banks also of walnut. I love the original floor lamp that combines perfectly with the sofa thanks to the curves of your design.


I highlight the dining room chairs Wegner and the great chandelier with irregular hand molded glass. The effect of the reflections of the glass with the large amount of natural light that enters through Windows must be magic.


The average level is comfortable and warm, with upholstered chairs, cushions on the floor, a big role of wood, brownish tones, … and a lot of light! The light continues to be the great protagonist in this level, illuminating the whole resort through its large Windows.


The lower level is more informal and fun. Here we see wicker chairs, an American bar, lamps of colors and different shapes, posters of old movies, colorful cushions, etc. We are at the same level as the beach, so they wanted to spread that spirit of Summer


But the detail that captures all the role at that level (and what you liked most by the whole House) is the bed of boat-shaped swing. Best of all is created on a small barge. Is an exceptional detail that sits perfectly with the surroundings of the House and is a perfect shot for a sublime interior decoration project.