DesignK Banks

The banks are mobile helpers that were designed to fulfill a mission. To serve as a seat or support to be able to achieve things that are too high. Was I ever saw, and it was also the way always engaged.

Without further ADO, today we bring new concepts for the use of banks thanks to innovation of the company DesignK. Its banks were thought to make a space more comfortable and above all with a different idea.

One of the first ideas proposal has the name of “Tea for One” or tea for a. Each bank was created to serve as a support to the cups of tea.

This model as British, based in the tradition of tea, is an innovative idea that transforms this moment so intimate, that is to take a cup of tea, in a way completely different from the traditional and creative.

Their supporters are 4 wooden legs and the base consists of a wooden circle whose interior has a space for placing the dish in the Cup. This way you don’t spot or damaged the surface of the bench.

The Tea for One banks are an example of how an object can turn quite classic in an innovative idea to spend time with friends or in the company of a good book. You can get more information here.


We now go to a second bank concept. These are named after “Dandelion Stool”, and your name as your drawing are based on known dandelion flower. This design has a different style of traditional forms of banks.

The design is an inspiration and at the same time a representation of nature. For this, it generates a sense of flower or something natural. The supporters were thought to that look like a stalk, and the base has the appearance of the leaves that surround the flower, and the seat is the flower itself.

The upper part of the Dandelion banks Stool, which doubles as a seat cushion comfort and at the same time, to ensure the softness and comfort. In very general traces is a very simple, but elegant spaces and also makes is very colorful, because you can find in your catalog a wide color palette. You can get more information here.


The last proposal we see today is called Dandelion Tea Table. Is based on the same design as the previous banks, although this model offers three feet and also are based on a glass surface.

These characteristics make this table shaped like a Bank, an auxiliary mobile aesthetically beautiful and very functional. It’s perfect for minimalist or modern styles and decorations. More information from here.