DIY, Designs and Creates Your Own Household Linen

Would you like to customize the lingerie of your home, put the name of your children in their pads or a heart on your sheets? Would you like to give your personal touch to your tablecloths? Then do not miss these tricks and tutorials easy to create your own household linen, with ideas of patterns easy to make but very eye-catching.

There are options for all tastes, places and situations, such as customize a tablecloth with phrases or add the name of your lover on your napkin, ideal for a romantic breakfast or to add an original touch to your table and surprise your guests. Don’t know what to give to your friends? Designs and creates something custom for each: a set of towels, a few blankets with a phrase or a date, a cushion with a symbol… going them to surprise.

First thing is to think to whom it is directed, either for your children, your partner, a friend, a special gift or just for yourself, and also to what part of the House you want. Then decides the reason print, from a phrase or the name of the person to a symbol or a pattern based on geometric shapes. You will have to decide on that base want you to print and then think of the colors. Finally decide to how use it, as for example with a marker (any special clothing) or with a seal made by ourselves or purchased.
It tells a story

It illustrates a story or a story that in this case I put it in a set of bed, as you see sheets are different from the pad. To tell well what we want we need several resources, one part can stamp it with a square seal, in this occasion I recommend that you get the seal with a potato, Eraser or Cork and with special for garment ink and a pen you can make details and illustrations. If you love the idea and not can see the happy sells you this set handmade.
Write your own phrases

Next paragraph is more original and creative of the story ideas if you have good letter with a special textile marker or with a brush you can write a sentence in sheets or in any base. Another option is to write the name of each Member of the family on napkins or motivational phrases in tablecloths, relaxing stories in blankets or pads, as these sheets dreams of Rafa-Kids or this pad with message of which we discussed in Decoesfera.
Renovates the kitchen towels

If you’re tired of the typical reasons that decorate your kitchen towels, make them yourself, buy them smooth and decorate to your taste. Type the name of your favorite dish, a fun phrase, or a recipe. Use the fashion colors as yellow, pastel shades, combined with fluorescent colors black or the Emerald. Take a look at these pieces Magpie Miller are gorgeous.
A timeless classic: moles

In this first image we see them applied haphazardly as confetti in a blanket of organic cotton Juniperwilde Mint-toned or in Sweet RĂªverie pad in black and white. Statigr teaches us how to do it with a pencil eraser pointer. You can also apply them in other colors and sizes, you can be inspired in the delicious moles and stripes poorly made ceramics from L’atelier des Garçons, will be great applied to your lingerie.
The houses are all the rage

Dawanda hands this cushion shaped cottage comes very easy to make, only need a fluorescent marker pen to follow the silhouette, then you add the details you want. You can also print minimal casitas in the kitchen towels or napkins with a purchased buffer, looks nice is in the collection of Tea Towels of Bord’s Scene of Mo by Maurice.
Tutorial for a bedding set

Jen Thousand Words brings us this wonderful tutorial for a bedding set, the author stamping very funny pictorial motifs. These same steps can apply them in any base and any occasion.
DIY with a potato

In this tutorial we see step by step how to make patterned pad that opens the report. This fabulous DIY is easy to make, you can buy already made pad or do it yourself, you then only have stamp it with a potato! Can apply you this same pattern where you want, as the game of bed in green tones of the Shop Country Road that I have seen in the previous picture.

Don’t be afraid to do it wrong, the traditional and rustic is fashionable, does not pass anything if you spend of the grate or draw evil, imperfection is a value upward. But if even and so you are afraid of doing wrong, a Council, already made drawings and trace them. You can do the same with the sentences, choose the typeface, writes the phrase on the computer, print it or decals it in pencil on the surface chosen directly from the screen and then back it with the textile pen or brush and and voila! a wonderful design in your household linen.