Do It Yourself: Converts Your Table from Ikea in a Sophisticated Marble Table

Bored of seeing the same table of coffee at home, you like to change it but you don’t have budget, I have the perfect solution, a DIY and easy to renew your table, without even changing the furniture, and with a great advantage, you’ll just spend money. You only need a vinyl, a pair of scissors and your table, easy right?.

In this case I show you as convert your table from Ikea in a sophisticated marble table, an idea of the blog of Livet Hemma for Ikea. To do this DIY Klubbo coffee table, or any other smooth table to which you want to change its appearance and vinyl that you have chosen, with a print of wood, marble, Cork or other more colorful solutions we need.

You’ll find vinyl in a lot of stores, from the Chinese shop to in internet, you link a super shop of vinyls of the better-known House Aironfix, where you can choose even the type of marble that you like, pink, grey, black, with or without grain or other materials, is incredible the variety of materials that mimic.

The result will depend on your mana or expertise, be careful with corners, do it with much love to that are not cuts at the corners, thanks to the veins of the marble will be far from the surface, take a look at the photos of this DIY, who does wonderful?