Do It Yourself: More Christmas with Boats of Crystal Lamp

We are already entering full at Christmas time, so it is a good time to start collecting some interesting decorative ideas, like this lamp made with glass boats.

Despite being a good decorative item for Christmas, It is also a great resource to place a dot of light in some corner of the House at any time of the year, of course.

Create this Christmas lamp is as simple, Therefore we will only need a few pots of glass, nice rope and a Garland of lights, which we tend to use to decorate the Christmas tree. If you use a wreath in which lights do not change color, you can use the lamp throughout the year without problem.

On the page of the author you can see in more detail the steps to follow, but broadly consists of cutting a hole to each top, tie each boat by the neck and place the lights so they touch each of the boats. Simple.