DR Congo’s Defense

After the civil war in 1997, the government forces disbanded. As part of an agreement between the government and former militia and rebel forces, they were created new military forces in 2003. Since 1999, the UN has had a peacekeeping force in the country ( MONUC, replaced by MONUSCO from 2010 ), by 2018 a force of about 12,850 personnel. and 239 observers from a total of 45 countries. In addition, South Africa had 1157 personnel in the country ( Operation Mistral ).

DR Congo's Army

The total strength of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s armed forces is about 134,250 active personnel, including 8,000 personnel in the Republican Guard (2018, IISS).


The army has a strength of about 103,000 active personnel. Materials include up to 174 tanks (100 T-72, 32 T-55, 12-17 type 59 and 25 T-64 ), 40 light tanks (10 PT-76 and 30 type 62 ), up to 52 clearing vehicles, 20 storm tanks, 104 armored personnel vehicles and 16 self-propelled artillery, In addition, the army has heavy artillery and air defense artillery.

Air Force

The Air Force has a strength of 2550 active personnel. Material includes four attack aircraft of the type Su-25, five transport aircraft, and ten helicopters (which seven combat helicopters of the type Mi-24).

The Navy

The Navy has a force of 6700 active personnel (including Navy infantry and marines) and a number of smaller patrol vessels.