Egypt General Information

Holidays in Egypt have recently become especially popular with tourists. And this is easily explained: tours to Egypt are not just a journey to the center of the desert, it is a kind of touch to the beginning of civilization, to the mysterious world of the ancient pharaohs and their history. In addition, last- minute tours or trips to Egypt can be afforded by people with an average income. Depending on the region and category of the hotel, there will be different prices for trips to Egypt.

Egypt is also very popular in winter, despite the fact that in December, January you no longer swim in the Red Sea, an exciting vacation awaits you at a comfortable temperature. There are many resort areas in Egypt, however, most of our compatriots go on vacation to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. If you like to relax actively, swim well and are going to Egypt, you will definitely enjoy your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. Beautiful sea, rich underwater world. If you have come to our site on request: a tour to Hurghada or a holiday in Egypt in Hurghada, then you are probably looking for the solitude of sandy beaches, interesting excursions, and quiet restaurants. And if you are looking for: holidays in Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh, you probably want to go scuba diving or see exotic fish.

Holidays in Egypt are popular and inexpensive, a trip to Egypt, the cost of which will cost you much less than, for example, to the same Crimea, if you rest on the All system, it will leave much more impressions and pleasant memories. Prices for trips to Egypt are lower for early bookings. Last-minute tours to Egypt will also allow you to save on the cost of your vacation. Undoubtedly, Egypt is gradually turning into one of the largest tourism industries, which has a lot to offer.

Tours to Egypt are popular with many Europeans: tours to Hurghada attract Italians, Poles, Germans. If you are planning a trip to Egypt for the holidays, the cost will be much higher than during normal times. Holidays in Egypt are represented by such a variety of hotels that it will not be easy to choose. We are always ready to help you find a suitable tour to Egypt, taking into account your requirements and wishes, our experts will tell you about the features of each resort and help you organize a holiday in Egypt from Minsk according to your wishes.

Whatever you choose: holidays in Hurghada, inexpensive holidays in Egypt, last minute tours or last minute deals to Egypt from Minsk – we are always happy to help you. Our managers know where it is better to go with children, and where you can have a great time alone, what season is better to go to the resort of Hurghada in Egypt, and when it is preferable to go to Sharm El Sheikh. Travel with us!


There is no time difference with Minsk (twice a year, in spring and autumn, there are periods when time is 1 hour behind)

Area code 20

Monetary unit Egyptian pound/LE (1 pound = 100 piastres), 1 USD ~5.5 LE, 1 EUR ~7.1 LE

The cost of a “typical” dinner at the hotel is from 15 to 50 USD

Tips ~1—2 LE

Car rental per day from 30 USD

Official language Egyptian dialect of Arabic

Population – about 79 million people

capital, large cities:
Cairo (Cairo)
Large cities – Alexandria (Alexandria), Luxor (Luxor).

Beach holiday

Egypt is one of the most inexpensive beach destinations, a good opportunity for families with children, affordable and very beautiful diving (there is a fantastic underwater world near the Red Sea). Tourists of all incomes and ages come here: students, pensioners, families with children. A separate and very numerous category of travelers is enthusiastic divers.

Main resorts

Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Safaga, El Gouna, El Quseir – Mersa Alam, Sharm el-Sheikh (Sharm El Sheikh), Dahab (Dahab), Nuweiba (Nuweiba), Taba (Taba).


Year-round charter flights from Minsk by Belavia to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Many charters from Moscow and Kiev. Aeroflot and Egypt Air regular flights to Cairo.


Corals, sea shells, stuffed crocodiles, ivory cannot be exported from Egypt. Tourists who bought these things as souvenirs will have to present a receipt from the store.
Import and export of foreign currency is not limited. Allowed duty-free import of items for personal use, 200 pcs. cigarettes, 250 g of tobacco or 50 cigars, as well as a liter of alcohol.
Two liters of alcoholic beverages and 24 cans of beer can be purchased by foreign tourists during their stay in Egypt in duty-free shops located in all tourist centers. A mark on the purchase of alcoholic beverages is affixed to the buyer’s passport, and you can buy alcohol only within 24 hours after arrival.

Having bought a hookah in Egypt, you need to remember that at customs all its metal parts may be asked to be checked in as luggage.

Desired phones

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt: Moscow, Kropotkinsky per., 22; tel.: (495) 246-3096, fax: (495) 246-1064
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Egypt: 26, Gaber Ebn Hayan Str., Dokki-Giza, Cairo, Egypt,

tel.: 10-202-7499171, fax (202) 3389545
Police: 1-22,
ambulance : 1-23,
firefighters: 1-25 Hurghada
code – 065, Sharm el-Sheikh – 069, Cairo – 02.


Shuttle minibuses run along the coast in the central part of the resorts. The fare is about 2 LE per person in one direction.
Taxis in resorts can be hired for LE 15-20 during the day and LE 20-25 at night (much cheaper in Cairo). It is always necessary to agree in advance with the driver about the amount.

We do not recommend taking a car in Egypt: most local drivers have the remotest idea of ​​the rules of conduct on the road. This is especially true for Cairo.


Bare shoulders and miniskirts are not the best option for walking outside the hotel. In the hotels themselves, it is better to use a safe: there are cases of theft. You can’t drink tap water and even brush your teeth with it – there is a great risk of upsetting the gastrointestinal tract with this oversight for half the rest. We remind you once again: where there are corals at the entrance to the sea, you can’t go into the water without special slippers, and you should be careful splashing around them.

The close attention of the natives to women is obvious, but if you do not give a reason, then this will end. As a last resort, there is one magic word: “tourist police” – they will immediately leave behind.


Rated mains voltage – 220 V.


Tropical and subtropical continental (on the Mediterranean coast). In winter and spring, dry hot winds “khamsin” often blow.
The swimming season lasts all year: the Red Sea warms up well during the summer, and in the winter months the water temperature does not drop below +20..+21°C.


Today, Nile cruises run from Luxor to Aswan. They are carried out on ships of categories 4 *, 5 * standart and 5 * deluxe, which, in fact, are “floating hotels”. There are about two hundred of them in total. Each ship has three to five decks. At the very bottom, a restaurant, a bar and a disco are usually located, and at the top there is a pool, a bar, a recreation area with awnings and sun loungers. There are cabins on all decks except the top one.
Meals everywhere – full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner – “buffet”). Drinks are most often not included in the price and are paid extra.
In addition to the standard set of excursions included in the cost of the program, tourists can order additional trips. The standard duration of the cruise program is 4-5 days (3-4 nights),swimming can be combined with a holiday in Cairo or Alexandria.


The country has hotels of all known world chains. True, the “network prefix” in front of the name of the hotel in Egypt does not at all guarantee quality service. There are noticeably more 3 * hotels in Hurghada than in Sharm, and they are often located on the first line of the beach, while in Sharm, “three-rubles” are mostly on the second line, at different distances from the sea (from 500-600 m).
Makadi and El Gouna are “mini-towns” with a small number of hotels. Soma Bay, El Quseir and Marsa Alam are young resorts that are being rebuilt at a rapid pace.


Usually only souvenirs are brought from Egypt: buying something else there is practically meaningless. Typical local trinkets: stone (basalt, granite or painted alabaster) figurines of ancient Egyptian gods, hookah (“shisha”) and papyri. In resort areas, the vast majority of shops and shops do not have fixed prices. Therefore – advice to tourists: bargain, bargain and bargain again. The original price is drastically reduced.

When buying a hookah, you should keep in mind that you often come across “souvenir” shisha, which are almost impossible to use for their intended purpose.
Care must be taken when purchasing papyri. Cheap banana stampings on low-quality and short-lived material will eventually be given for 1-3 LE. A quality papyrus (recognizable by its neat drawing technique and the fact that it can be folded and crumpled without the slightest harm) will cost about 10-20 LE.


Visa to Egypt

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus receive a visa to Egypt upon arrival. The visa allows tourists to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days.

To cross the border, tourists must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the tour, an air ticket (both ways), a hotel voucher, and insurance.

Visa cost – 25 USD
Stamp Sinai Only – up to 14 days of stay – FREE OF CHARGE, more than 14 days – 25 USD

Egypt General Information