Famous Homes: Angel Corella

Angel Corella is a devoted dancer from Madrid that can boast a dense career in dance, with quite a few awards. Since 2008 he directs the Corella Ballet, which is headquartered in the segovian town of La Granja de San Ildefonso, a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

It is here where has enjoyed the House today you teach, and that as many famous homes they come to light, is for sale. This is one of the houses that I’ve liked most of which I have seen lately, no pretensions nor greatness, designed just with the intention of creating a pleasant, comfortable and luminous environment.

The House consists of two floors, a principal in which develops the everyday life, and a wine cellar in the lower part. The exterior walls alternate stone with the vermilion color painting, and it is distributed around the main entrance, located in the center of the House, which forms a small plaza protected by the two wings of the building outside.

The inside is filled with light, decorated with a profusion of white tones on a coated natural wood floor. A console with simple lines in grey, filled with photographs, welcome under a carved mirror. They share the same space without walls, dining room and kitchen, in an environment with a certain air of Shabby Chic that circulation and interaction become free.

The salon is formed around each couches in shades of white and grey, about also white walls, dressed with a combination of pictures of different sizes, some of them with snapshots of Angel in impossible jumps. At the bottom two shelves of wood saved library, and a collection of photographs from his time in New York, while against the seating area, television is located between two windows which comes a flood of light.

The kitchen does not have a great space but is open to the living room, separated from the dining area by a short wooden bar. Next to the stove a uncomfortable corner has taken to get out of writing a phrase in French. Behind the bar, we see a long table surrounded by a set of chairs in white pickled wood.

Dorms play with different styles, one of them marked Provencal air, that highlights a collection of mirrors on the blue walls. Another guest rooms is a universe full of details and toys hanging from the ceiling, where do the times of headboard about old skis with their corresponding batons.

What has been the bedroom of Corella is more sober, with the walls painted grey and decorated with three words of inspiration with which to face each new day. The main bathroom is very classic and delicate, coated white wood on a floor in checkerboard, which highlights the exempt from cutting old bathtub.

The outside has a great plot and a porch of stone walls that takes center stage a wood rocker. A Royal House, and a dream of home at the same time, has a basement as an intimate retreat where he meet perhaps in the cool of the summer nights.