Flaxseed – Nutritional Values, Effects and Healthy Recipes

The small brown or yellow flax seeds are considered a superfood, which is a necessary part of a healthy diet and should help in weight reduction. Can one with but really slimming linseed ? What effect do they have on the body? What are the important nutrients in small seeds?

The answers to these and other questions, as well as a few prescriptions with linseed, can be found in the article.

Remove with linseed – what nutritional values are there

Flax seeds are actually extremely healthy and promote digestion. They contain minerals, vitamins and many fibers, which swell in the intestine and provide a long-lasting saturation sensation. Furthermore, the linseed contain a lot of protein and a large fat content of vegetable fat. The exact linseed nutritional values are distributed as follows: about 25 percent of these are dietary fiber, about 25 percent protein and the fat is about 40 percent. Because of the high fat content, the linseed is also offered in a different form, as linseed oil, which is well suited for cooking. In addition, the linseed have a very high concentration of omega-3 fatty acid, such as linoleic acid.

Through healthy diet with flaxseed slimming

As a rule one can not only lose with linseed. However, this super food can promote weight reduction if it is part of a balanced diet and regular exercise. The flax seeds slow down hunger, which is equally important for losing weight. Flax seeds also contain mucus which lubricates the intestinal walls and has a laxative effect. Thus the weight reduction is supported in a healthy way.

The effect of linseed

The linseed effect can be beneficial not only to the inner but also to the outer health of the body. First and foremost, the small seeds help with gastrointestinal complaints by encouraging digestion thanks to the mucus. These mucous substances are located in the seed shells and usually need a lot of liquid, especially water, in order to develop their positive effects. Flaxseed as masks are equally beneficial to the skin, providing a soft skin that can reduce pores and decay acne.

Flax seeds help with many complaints

The linseed effect is beneficial for the organism and so is allegedly also reduced the risk for some cancers. Except for stomach discomfort, the healthy linseed still helps with allergies, vision problems, depression and stress.

Diet with linseed support

A complete linseed diet does not exist, because the excessive diet is not recommended. Do not eat more than 20 grams of flax seed per day, ie a maximum of 2 tablespoons. However, as a part of a diet, flax seeds are recommended because of their high proportion of dietary fibers and proteins. However, they can not replace a balanced diet. So you can quickly lose weight only with linseed. Note that for children under 12 years, the consumption of linseed is not recommended without a doctor’s consent.


The linseed should normally be taken in a slimy form in order to react faster and better. This form is most easily obtained by mixing the linseed with water until the muds contained in the shell begin to swell. Frothed linseed reacts faster with water and is better suited for daily use. You can buy the linseed either already crushed, or you can even crush yourself with an electric coffee grinder. Tip: do not chop up too large a quantity at all because cracked linseed becomes resinous and rancid faster than other seeds.

Healthy with flaxseed – prescription

If you want to lose flax seeds, you can include them in your nutritional plan. This can be used, for example, to make delicious smoothies, bake sweet or salty pastries or refine the cereal for breakfast. Many recipes can also be prepared with crushed or ground linseed as an egg substitute and thus you can prepare your food still vegan.

The right linseed preparation

You should not boil flax seeds, as they lose important food. They can be mixed not only with water, but also with milk, but some milk products can hinder the swelling. It is therefore recommended to prepare the linseed with water and drink a lot of water after consumption. A minimum of two and a half liters of liquid should be taken per day, preferably water or unsweetened tea.

With proper diet and flaxseed weight – helpful tips

The most important thing you should consider when you want to take off with flaxseed is drinking water. For the seeds to promote digestion, a minimum of two liters of water per day should be achieved. Otherwise the mucus cells of the linseed can not completely swell up and the consumption can finally lead to constipation.

How to get the body used to flaxseed

Although linseed is a superfood for the body, you should get used to the fiber diet. Therefore, it would be advisable to start eating no more than one spoon per day. You can start with a few linseed in the cereal or yoghurt for breakfast, or admit it to the salad. Over time, you can increase the amount, but do not exceed more than three spoons of flax seed a day.

Linseed and pregnancy

The intake of linseed during pregnancy is recommended by many doctors because it is proven to simplify the birth. However, since they favor entry into the final phase of birth, they are best to be taken only from the 35th week of gestation and in a scraped form.

Make healthy crackers with linseed

With some simple ingredients, crispy crackers can be prepared with linseed and baked in the oven. Here are the ingredients for this delicious snack:

  • 250 g flour
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 packet of baking soda
  • 4 tablespoons linseed
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 125 ml of milk.

Flaxseed – Flaxseed muesli

Although you can not only lose flax seeds, you can admit them to daily eating. A bowl of cereal, for example, is made with a spoon of flaxseed even healthier and you have a saturation feeling until late noon.

Make healthy smoothie with linseed

If you want to lose weight with linseed, or support a diet, you can add a teaspoon to the most popular recipes and make the smoothie even healthier. For the preparation, it would be advisable to mix the linseed first with water and only then into the booth mixer.