Hammamet Travel Guide

The Tunisian way of life is suitable for tourists. Music roars the streets, the most common of the traffic sounds is the horn and the street is like a living room. On the other hand, the locals sit for hours in cafes, are happy to get to know a tourist from the north and stroll through the Medina without a hurry.

A holiday in Hammamet can be a bustle or relaxation. It can be luxury life in the Yasmine hotel area or exploring the local culture in the old center. It can be sunbathing or hobbies. From Hammamet, it is also easy to travel to the rest of Tunisia.

The colors of the tooth are white and turquoise

The colors of the tooth are white and turquoise

The landscape of Hammamet is dominated by a turquoise shimmering sea, white sand and blue and white buildings. Thousands of tourists have become adventures there, and the city has become a favorite destination. Sun holidaymakers occupy beaches and athletes occupy gofcards as well as sea areas. Those who feel the atmosphere head to the 15th-century fortress or the maze-like alleys of the traditional Medina.

Hammamet has plenty of sunshine all year round. In spring and autumn, the daytime temperatures rotate by just over 20 degrees, in the summer months you knock 30 degrees. During the winter months, it is also cooler and wetter in Hammamet, and temperatures may cool at night anyway.

On the European-African border

Tunisia is clearly cheaper than European resorts. The country has grown into a popular golf resort thanks to cheap course fees. There are two golf courses in the Hammamet area: Golf Citrus and Yasmine Golf Course .

The Muslim country in Tunisia deserves respect for the local culture. Beachwear only belongs to the beats, elsewhere you need to wear more opaque. When visiting the courtyard of the mosque, remember to cover your knees and shoulders. If nothing else, the presence of Islam is reminiscent of a call to prayer echoed five times a day.

As in other Mediterranean countries, including Tunisia celebrated a siesta at noon. Offices, agencies and many shops are closed at the hottest times of the day, although services can also be found at tourist destinations during siesta.


Leisure flights and sudden departures

Leisure flights and sudden departures

The easiest way to travel to Hammamet is with a travel agency, such as Aurinkomatkat, Finnmatka, Tjäreborg or Deturi. Only flights or full-service holidays with all-inclusive accommodation and day trips can be booked at the office. Leisure flights are operated from spring to autumn, and their price varies according to the time of travel and the company, starting from about 600 euros. Cheaper sudden departures are also available to the destination.

The nearest international airport is located in Enfidha, about 35 km from Hammamet. Scheduled flights are more typically operated to the capital, Tunis, 60 kilometers northwest, with a train and bus connection to Hammamet.

Yasmine Hammamet Hotel District

Several Hammamet hotels are located in the holiday village of Yasmine Hammamet, just over 10 km from the city’s historic center. Located right on the beach, Yasmine’s hotels are typically of good quality, and there are also hotels especially suitable for families with children.

Yasmine in Hammamet and Hammamet is easy to get around on foot. Traveling with cheap taxis is also effortless. A mini train and a local bus run between the city and the hotel area.

Attractions in Hammamet

Hammamet's beaches

Hammamet’s beaches are among the best in the Mediterranean

The miles of beaches in Hammamet stand out for their cleanliness. The white sand and sparkling sea are perfect for both sledding and water sports. The most diverse sandy beaches can be found in the Yasmine Hammamet holiday area, which also has an amusement park and an indoor ice rink. Yasmine diving schools have an offer for enthusiasts of all levels.

If you feel exhausted and sweaty after a day at the beach, you can seek recreation with thalassotherapy, a Tunisian specialty. Treatments are planned for each person on the basis of a medical examination. Hamam, or the local spa, which can be found both in public places and in hotels, is suitable for quicker cleaning.

The medina, wall and ruins represent history

An afternoon walk along the ancient wall of the Medina is a convenient way to explore the oldest parts of Hammamet. Occasionally, one can turn to tea in corner cafes occupied by local men, as long as the avid traders do not cause an overly sudden rush reaction. The Medina also houses the Kasbah, a small fortress with a beautiful view of the city from the stairs.

The ruins of the town of Pupput are reminiscent of the glorious history of the area. The area of ​​ancient Rome is particularly famous for its mosaic works, which have been revealed by archaeologists studying the area. In addition to these, the ruins have the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient style of living.