Homes That They Inspire: a Very Flat Fememino

Find a House women that show you to catch ideas is difficult, mostly because few people ventured to fully decorate a house in this way, since the results can be fantastic (as in the House that we showed today) or too overwhelming due to the pastel colors.

In addition to choose these colors and accessories that make a House a mainly female environment does, logically, that we caractericemos it very much, so much that people that not this kind of “sensitive” decoration like feel uncomfortable every day. Mainly it is many men uncomfortable, not to mention teens which can be unbearable.

So it is a style that is usually allocated mainly to personal environments, as they tend to be the children’s bedrooms, where we don’t have to share space, and we just have to feel good ourselves, in fact I have already spoken on occasion of female dorms in our section open.

However as I have come up today we are going to go a little further and we will see a House decorated in a way female in its entirety. The drawbacks have already said it, that it will not fit all our family members if we are several in house, and that if we spent we get a House too relaxing or overwhelming to abusing a particular range of colors.

The advantages many, as for example to characterize all of our environment thanks to a unique color, get a House entirely suited to our needs and our tastes in an easy way and of course create an environment that show our personality without making too high spending.

As you say, this House is the example, as you can see the female environment accessories and textiles provide it mainly in color Rosa in different shades, an example are those who see in this picture, a detail of the complements that we can find in the different corners of the House.

There are also areas of the House where this style is applied using coatings: decorative painting in the Living room or the tiles that we can see in the kitchen.

This practice is a little more expensive, however help us to distribute color in areas where we do not want to abuse of supplements and where on the other hand need a clearer atmosphere and we can not abuse of the complementary color, the clearest example is that of the kitchen.

In the bedrooms both main and children has become a mixture, femininity is provided through both accessories and textiles (quilts and rugs) and coatings, therefore the latter do not apply in all wall but wall’s impact as a.

That Yes, the wall’s impact is not a thickness of a single color, but that you have chosen a wallpaper pattern, much reducing the power of color.

My favorite details:

First bath, on the one hand the health, isolated, but by another bathtub, within the classroom, separated only with a curtain of colors, very decorative and views to the exterior through a large window, of course, not suitable for the more timid.

In second place, the decor of this corner of salon, apples, pies, a radio that looks like toy, give the impression that at any moment you can paste him a bite as a chocolate House, creating not only a female one, but also very youthful and delicate corner.

When choosing this style?

Because as we said above the choice becomes difficult, but the result is very nice can make feel uncomfortable our partner or our children when they have a few years more, so my recommendation is to choose this style only to places identified as the children’s bedrooms.

Here you have a gallery of image which take some ideas more if you liked this House:

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