Homes That They Inspire: Take Advantage of The Space with Partitions

I have spoken many times of small flats and how to use them to the fullest. One of the tips that you have more repeated is that, Remove separations It is a good idea, since it allows us to play with more space.

However, for that you may see that this decoration all is relative, today I bring you a house where have managed to make the most of it to only 47 square meters Thanks to the opposite, the placement of partitions. That Yes, some partitions with special characteristics and that we now see in detail.

The apartment as I have mentioned has 47 meters, It is not the smallest we’ve seen, I agree, but the better exploited. Before you speak of partitions that are its main feature, you can see that they follow all the advice that I have spoken:

  • Take advantage of natural light Thanks to the large windows have at both ends of the House, avoid tall furniture that may be preventing the trip of that light and enhance it with light colors and mirrors in which it can reflect so travel around the House.
  • They use light colors: making the room much more depejada, and which therefore make it seem visually wider, in addition as mentioned in the previous paragraph enable light travel and reflect much more, making the floor a brighter place and therefore transpires greater feeling of spaciousness.
  • Use of multifunction furniture as a sofa bed that can be seen in the living room and that you have a detail in this image, which can be used for various functions, as sofa and rollaway bed for guests.
  • Use the most of the space: for example with the table we can see in the living room and which you can also see a detail in the image above, three table in one, versatile and functional to have space always additional where required.
  • Absence of unnecessary products: as you can see the decoration of the House is rather sober, nothing left and nothing missing, no room is overloaded and that gives greater image lightness throughout the entire House, it is something that you can see each of the images.
  • The order: I agree with what you say many of you when you teach a House that… “we have to see how the House is the day that do not take you photos”, but what is clear is that the images shows the effect of the order in the distribuci┬┤n and the breadth of the House, few things but very neat, and so everything more clear.
  • Removal of partitions: This is another of the Councils which so far I have given for small spaces, but as we are going to show in this House not so.

The problem of the removal of partitions It is that environments end up becoming one, and therefore lose all the intimacy that they had, in this House did not want that, and therefore retained the interior partitions, that Yes, everything that could be eliminated, and played with the decorative painting, so that its effect on the visual width of the floor would be the smallest.

The first example that we can see is the separation between the living room and the kitchen, which you can see in the pictures, as you can see the separation still exists, but has been placed a wide door frame and there is no door, so that light travels from one room to another as though it doesn’t exist.

It keeps the intimacy of each one of the rooms to a lesser extent to a closed door, but it manages to avoid the visual restriction of space that this would entail, is a kind of compromise.

Can see you this same example between bedroom and dressing room, a large door frame and painted in the same color qe the rest of the room makes the separation more light.

In the same room we see another tbique, which separates the area of rest and dressing of the working area, but lasts only until the middle of the room avoiding thus creating two independent rooms, and making the most of the space even with divisions.

My favorite details:

First of all I love how have got that separation between the work area and the bedroom is more real empapelando the part of the wall of separation that gives rise to the work area, creating at the same time a very visual impact wall and that create contrast with the brightness of the entire House.

Also have been able to choose the perfect area where to put it, since it has a perfect lighting that can withstand this dark tone.

Secondly, in the same image, the shelving that makes the top of the door frame, taking advantage of a space that otherwise would remain desert.

Here you have some pictures over so you can see every corner of the House:

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