How to Fill in Your Name on a Flight Ticket

Need help filling in the name on the air ticket? Rest assured that you will know how to enter the name and also how to change it if you make a mistake!

Whether it’s the first or the thousandth trip, putting the name on the air ticket is a task that confuses (and much!) Passengers. There are determinations, rules and fines that generate fear when filling this information.

How to Fill in Your Name on a Flight Ticket

So that you have no problems at the time of boarding – or even at the time of ticket purchase – we have prepared a material explaining how filling your ticket works. Just follow the text! 

Fill in the ticket as is your passport

The best tip we can give to fill your ticket is by following your passport. It is the official travel document and should always be used as a reference when passing your information on to airlines. 

If you are a person with multiple surnames, note which ones are described in the passport and never abbreviate one of their names. Let’s suppose a passenger name is MARIA DOS SANTOS FERREIRA. If the passport is SANTOS FERREIRA as a surname, she must inform both of them as her last names.

Attention: who is Junior or Grandson must inform the family follow-up so as not to have problems. 

And who has no passport? 

In these cases, it is advisable to consult with your airline to check if there are any restrictions on this. You should be especially aware of international travel to Mercosur countries, which can be accessed without a passport.

I put the wrong name on the airline ticket: now what?

Depending on the mistake you made when entering your name on the airline ticket, the solution may be simpler than you might think. According to Resolution No. 400/2016 of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the traveler can request the spelling correction of the name or surname on the ticket without fees

Here is a point: If you did not enter one of your last names in national travel, no problem. Just remember to cherish the same description as your passport, as we said earlier. In international travel, this can be quite a problem. 

What can you change in the passage

That’s not all you can change about your ticket. Some information cannot be changed and therefore your attention should be redoubled from the outset so as not to have a headache.

However, see which items you can edit on your airline ticket.

Junior, Grandson and variables

If you have in your name Junior, Grandson, Son or Nephew, you need to be careful in your passage. This information should always be on your airline ticket to avoid problems in your trip.

If you have forgotten to enter this information, just call the airline’s SAC and request the inclusion of the name. 

Minor typos

Did you change the letter order of your name or bumped the keyboard? That is the least of your problems. As others have said, ANAC Resolution 400/2016 guarantees you the change, but as long as you contact the airline! Remember that you cannot be charged for it.

And change the entire name of the ticket?

Well, then no airline can help you. This is because companies consider that a passenger exchange is happening, which is not allowed. 

In these cases, the only way is to cancel your ticket and get another one with the right name (and attention on time).

Request on each airline


Spelling errors are easy to change and can be made directly with BLUE. This also includes data such as email, phone numbers and document numbers. 

In more complex cases, such as separation or recent marriage, change in paternity or change of name after issuing your ticket, the company asks you to contact us in advance to have your details checked with the Revenue and the change confirmed. 

In these situations, it is recommended that you visit the BLUE website or call the call centers at 0800-887-1118.


GOL has a policy of analyzing each case separately. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the airline’s website or call 0800-704-0465 whenever there is a name error on your airline ticket. 

In situations of marriage or recent separation, the company usually charges documentation that proves your situation before confirming the change. 

Smiles customers can make their changes directly on the GOL website. Other customers should call the Customer Service. 


LATAM is the strictest for the passenger name. It can not be modified, which requires attention when making the purchase. Errors in documents or other information such as email may be made upon check-in.