How to Make a Fun Child Coat Rack for The Return to School in Five Easy Steps

After a week full of emotions in which the smallest of the House have become to rediscover with classrooms, teachers and all their classmates, in the face of the weekend we can think in any decorative project to give a renovated touch to your bedroom.

Often the storage in the nursery is complicated, a fun and solid coat rack with a tree It can be the perfect complement to maintain order in the infant room. With appropriate size and a shape you can get children to have fun collecting their things and the best thing is that we ourselves can do.

Instead of leaves, this wooden tree will have jackets, bags or even dolls climbing by its branches. To build it just follow these five easy steps:

  • First of all we need the tree template drawn on graph paper to facilitate design.
  • Then we take a Board 75 x 100 cm MDF wood and, with the help of an angle and a bevel, We draw a grid 10 cm gap between the vertical and horizontal lines across the surface. We transfer the template to this guide without forgetting the base and triangular stabilizers.
  • Then, We cut wood table along the lines of the tree template. When we finished we can use sandpaper to smooth the edges.
  • Once we have the trunk with branches and cut support parts, assemble the entire structure tree stand and unite it with wood glue.
  • Below we give you a coat of paint Acrylic smooth or combining different colors and motifs to create your our own design.

For this project we don’t need too many Tools, only something with what cut wood and for what can be particularly suitable, for example, the Dremel DSM20 with multi-purpose DSM 500 cut-off that has been the coat tree that we can see in the pictures of this article.