Ideas for Wall Design with Color – Wall Paintings of Bergen Make Itself

Colors and patterns play an important role in the wall design and can beautify any boring wall. A new trend this represent murals of mountains and mountain ranges that a cot or bedroom can be converted into a relaxing oasis. Instead finished wall films to buy, you can download a creative wall design with color do it yourself and conjure beautiful murals.

Wall design with color in the baby room

For families who expect a baby, the design of the baby room is one of the most important steps for the preparation. Before selecting the furniture, you should decide for a suitable wall paint. A creative wall design with color would be recommended to develop and promote the child’s imagination as early as possible.

Ideas for creative wall design with color

If you want to decorate a wall in the baby or children’s room with a homemade wall painting, you can choose from many motifs. Toddlers have already developed their preferences more or less and can be asked for their favorite motif. On the other hand, the decision for the baby room is completely taken by the parents. In general, landscapes as wall paintings are perfect for wall design and can be designed creatively and individually.

Mountains as inspiration for the murals

The new trend for wall paintings with mountains is inspired by nature itself and creates a soothing ambience in every room. That is why these wall paintings are particularly suitable for bedrooms, where you should really relax. The mountains can either be rendered abstractly geometric figures or, if desired, also more realistic. For the latter, however, one needs some artistic talent or an artist for it.

Combine colors correctly

If you choose a wall design with color, you should select a suitable color combination. Mountains can be designed with three or four colors, the darker ones for the foreground and the brighter ones for the background. Summit can also be distinguished with a different color from the rest of the mountains.

Create creative children’s rooms

Would you like to renovate the children’s room and make an effective wall picture yourself? With mountains and clouds as a motif for the wall painting you can invite nature into the room. A nice idea for the wall design with color would be to paint the walls and ceiling in light blue, decorate with clouds and thus create the children’s room creatively.

Colored wall design with color – what do you need?

If you want to paint the wall with mountains, you need some simple tools and materials. First of all, a tape measure and a pencil are necessary to transfer the motif to the wall. Furthermore, a painter’s crepe tape, a color roller and the colors for the mountains are required.

Measure and mark the subject

Before you start with the wall painting, the wall to be decorated should be painted in a uniform color (for example, white). Then you should draw a sketch of the wall painting, in order to better imagine the wall design. Then carry out the measurements and sketch the mountains on the wall. The sharp color edges can be formed with the painter’s crepe tape, so it is next glued to the contours.

Instructions – creative wall design with color make yourself

Now you can start painting. When designing the wall painting, however, you should note that mountains in the background should be designed lower and painted with gray. In contrast, the mountains in the foreground can be painted in color and with peaks.

DIY abstract mountains as a wall painting

Do not make sows when you paint on the painter’s crepe because it is later removed. Removal takes place only when the wall paints are dry. To make this easier, you can leave the painter’s crepe slightly longer and thus easier to peel off.

Wall painting with color – paint edges and peaks

After removal of the painter’s brush, unpainted lines remain, which you can either paint after the same method or leave them as they are. A peak in a contrasting color can be designed in the same way, but only when the first coat is dry.

Wall design with color for the children’s room

The wall murals in the children’s room can be painted in any color if they fit the interior and the decor. Do not worry if the picture is not made with realistic colors – children like colorful color combinations.

Wall painting with accent color

For a fun atmosphere in the room, the mountains can also be designed with a bright color accent. Luminous green or yellow immediately draws attention to the wall paintings and is perfect for creative children’s rooms.

Wall design with color for a creative interior

With some creativity and artistic talent, you can also conjure up more elaborate wall paintings in your own home. Other motifs that combine well with the mountains are trees and flying birds, which create a beautiful wall design in the living room, hallway or bedroom.

Wall painting with a template

If you want to conjure the mountains as wall paintings at home, you should not necessarily paint mountains with clear geometric lines. The wall design with color can also be done by means of a template, which can be easily cut out of cardboard itself.

Adapt furniture to the wall with color

If you decide for a wall design with color for the children’s room, then you can use different sounds from the same color palette. If it’s a girl’s room, for example, Pink always has a good idea. After the wall painting is finished, you can also match the furniture and the bedding color. So you can set up the room beautifully for your little princess.

Mountain view in own bedroom

The murals with mountains also look great in a bedroom. They are particularly suitable for adventurers who want to live in harmony with nature. In addition, such wall paintings have a soothing effect and ensure a proper relaxation at home.

Wall design ideas for a creative bedroom

The wall design with color gives you the choice for colors and motifs for the wall painting. The pattern with mountains represents a creative idea for the design of the bedroom and can be coordinated with already existing furnishings in a good color.

Wall design with phototape instead of color

Instead of a wall design with color, you can opt for a phototape of mountains or mountains in the fog. This makes the motif more realistic and creates a trendy wall decoration. Such wallpaper fits perfectly to white bedrooms and serve as an effective accent in the interior.