Keys to Properly Illuminate Each Environment (I)

The lighting It is so important in a House which can hide any defects that may have the same and enhance the beauty, well-being and safety of the family that inhabits it. For this reason, It is a basic concept of decoration and all that implies is reason for study. However, there are fundamental ideas that anyone can know to have your home well lit without being an expert.

Before starting any type of reform, there is that plan all the lighting system of the House to prevent subsequent corrections with the consequential trasntornos and expenditures (change a cable path or the location of a socket of light, etc.)

At times running, many techniques are available to facilitate our work, maintenance and control. Among the new options, we should not forget the ability to use home automation at the time of planning our House lighting.

You must then define what type of activity and furniture It is to be in each environment for, accordingly, choose whether the lighting will be general, punctual, exposure, if it will be used to highlight a detail or will it merely decorative.

The general light, as its name implies, is used to light across a room using a lamp (can be many lights or not) that is usually hung from the ceiling.

The point system used to illuminate a specific area, either by placing a directional lamp or by placing a screen that directs any common light to the desired site. Table or floor lamps are the best. In Decoesfera you’ll find many models and ideas that will help you find the ideal lamp for your home.

Lighting up gives a very decorative effect which, in general, is used as a complement of a totalizing light. Bulbs of low voltage and white are ideal to achieve this intent as well as highlight sculptures or paintings on the wall. Attention to this last point: paints require a professional and special lighting.

The light switches they should always be near the doors to have them at hand. What is convenient also that in large environments there is a switch for each light bulb and also one that turn on several at once. Keys with dimmer are also ideal.

To know to calculate how much is the ideal light level, experts recommend 20 watts of light per square meter of space. In esto function, if you want to reduce the space, must be installed wall lamps and pendants to shrink the vertical dimension. To make that environment “enlarge”, you must use ceiling lamps pointing towards the walls, taking care that the amount of light is uniform over the entire surface.

If you want to install fluorescent and filament tubes somewhere in the House it is advisable to put a UV around the tube filter rays generated do not damage Wood or walls furniture.

Under any circumstances, you always have to be careful not to place the lights so that disturb the eyes with its brightness or intensity, as well as do not leave cables over sockets or plugs and switches that are not protected so that the children of the House are not exposed to electricity.