Lamp Looks like, But Food Warmer Is… by Electrolux

One of the biggest problems we have at the time cooking is the one of the dishes that have to serve the time so they are hot. One thing kitchens, kitchens, receive guests and It is difficult to maintain the temperature without dishes lose quality. Therefore no longer, Electrolux He has come to resolve this problem with their food warmer lamps.

This is a good example of how domestic professional products to the field are transferable. Electrolux has a broad knowledge of the needs of the kitchens of restaurants and from there it can be extrapolated to make life much easier in the domestic kitchen. To my seems to me an excellent idea.

This lamp food warmer for home use is based on that found in the professional restaurant kitchens. Designed by artists, lamp ensures that various dishes are served at the ideal temperature and to remain constantly at this temperature, according to Alberto Dani, Electrolux product manager.

Also the style is very elegant, the lamp food warmer can decorate any kitchen. Another advantage is that No Preheat, How does the oven, light comes easily and is immediately ready for use. The recipes keep flavor and texture for longer simply by lowering or raising the lamp to adjust the temperature. You can even serve to thaw more delicate foods gently.

The problem is that my current House’s kitchen, is a little as toy and there is plenty of room in it for anything else… but to which they may have, for example, an island or a peninsula in the kitchen that you use as extra work surface, clearly is a great idea. Do not you think?