Learn to Draw with Instructions for Children – Funny Figures & Motifs

Children love to draw and paint. If you want to promote your child, you can do this by showing him some tricks on how certain motifs are drawn. Over time, your child will learn to train through much more and more. In principle, certain figures such as circles or rectangles are used as the basis for all motifs.

We have to help a few simple instructions to learn drawing together, allowing you to paint together with your little cute and witty designs.

Learn to draw step by step

This ladybug consists largely of circles. The large circle is then halved and equipped with further smaller circles. Then comes the head with the probes and the six legs. So that your child can learn to draw faster and does not lose interest so quickly, you should help him at the very beginning.

Learn to draw

While you learn to draw with your child, you can use the common time at the same time to explain to him the anatomy or the names of the individual body parts of animals or the parts of cars, the sun, flowers and so on. Drawing is therefore not only fun, but can also prove to be teaching. So learning is fun!

How do I learn to draw?

Before you start drawing, you should have a good idea of ​​the appropriate figures and instructions for the child’s age. If the image is too complicated, this can ultimately lead to disappointments and that is certainly not your goal. The simpler and more classical the geometrical figures used, the simpler the motif will fall to the child when it comes to drawing.

A happy shark

Anyone who knows how to draw can learn and perhaps even as an adult, you will also find great interest in learning to draw yourself. Then you can spend afternoon afternoons together with the drawing. This is fun and creates a deeper connection between you and your child.

Tiger drawing learn

To learn how to draw a tiger, you might need some more experience. You can assess this as the mother or father. Try the mouse or the chicken. Circles and ellipses form the basis of the body, while at the end still a few more elements like whiskers or wings are painted.

Dove with cloud

The pigeon may also be an idea for the advanced. When you learn to draw, you can combine the finished picture with other motifs. The dove, for example, can still get a cloud or a sun that we show you below. If you want to draw an image, you can also use your child to create a common image.

Ships and animals

To draw a Uhu you can use the instructions above. Begin with your eyes, continue your head, and work your way down to the body with the wings. Above you will also see two variants for ships. If different geometrical figures are overlapped as with the bat, you can later eradicate the inner lines later.

Chicks and duck

The step-by-step instructions for chicks and ducks are particularly easy to implement and are also quickly made independent by your child. When you learn how to draw, you should use a pencil at the very beginning, so that you can erase mistakes. The chicks can be used wonderfully for pictures for Easter.

Cute lion with mane

If your child wants to draw a lion, you can use this guide. The red lines always indicate the new lines in the respective step. The lion looks complex at first sight. However, this is due to the fact that there are many individual elements. Otherwise, he will soon be dominated by your child.

Drawing lessons for children

If you want to learn how to draw a cow, you will find different instructions as well as all the others. That depends entirely on the instructions. A funny comic cow can be seen in the instructions above. Children often want to learn how to draw dogs, which can also be done in just a few steps. After that, your child can paint again as desired.

A fish and a bee

Fish are particularly easy to draw. While you are learning to draw the bee, you can explain to your child the benefits of bees gathering blossom dust and making honey from it and that only female bees do it. This will surely make your child very interesting. Let yourself be inspired by stories to make the painting more interesting.

Duck also letters

There are many ideas for drawing lessons for toddlers. Especially original we find the idea, in which numbers or letters are used as a basis. This has a teaching effect again and helps your children to remember newly learned characters better, as it is given by the drawing so to speak an ass bridge. Above you see a duck from the letter “J”.

To draw learn a bear

From the letter “g” is again quickly a sympathetic bear and more precisely his face. Have your child write down the lowercase for drawing. In the circle paint the closed eye, which consists of a slightly curved line. A similar, but longer stroke comes over the circle, including nose and Munte.

Learn a cute bear

Next, your child must learn to draw the body. For this purpose, a line similar to the letter “J” or a half heart is added. The leaf can be rotated if it is easier for your child to draw. Next, the ear, tail and legs are in line until the bear is ready to paint.

A simple sun

A sun with simple strokes as rays can surely master your child already. Now go a step further and draw pips as sunrays. To draw, let your child shape a circle again. You will see the order in which you should paint the teeth. Finally, a face can also be drawn.

Koala from a number

As already mentioned, not only letters are the basis if your child is to learn to draw. Numbers can also prove to be practical, as in this example for a koala, in which the number “5” is used. The result is a koala, which sticks to a tree. With all these animals, your child can paint an entire zoo.

Learning to draw – cars can be simple

Cars are one of the favorite motifs when it comes to drawing for children and young children. They quickly realize that it is much easier than it might look. The birding is again good for the Easter festival or the spring season. Send postcards, your child can embellish them with a self-painted picture.