Leeluut Night Light

Instagramia the following are also seen for these cute playing field:

Leeluut Night Light

“Oh, what are these?”, was Instassa the first question.

We still have too when we were wondering.

Now, in a little over a week after a friend able to already to tell you more about these small type: they are Leeluu-Hedgehog and OWL. Paijattavia nightlights, which are also unileluja. And these we are currently on a visit to the pals of the only ones in the world – they are the State of the test, namely until the prototypes. The aim is that the final up to the production and sale of the Leeluut will be available soon!

The correct Leeluut are a little different than these prototype versions — for example, when the night light is still on like this “a point “, consisting of a number of light. The final Leeluu reflects light more evenly. Pictures of the more recent models should be the way it is precisely during these times to appear on the Leeluun Facebook page here.

I fell in love with this idea as soon as it turns on the light, having heard: Leeluuhun when the child crumple it. Stroking the back of the light may be regulated due to dimmer or brighter. Toy … night light … or a toy … so just leeluu is under your arm until the friendly sleep buddy– and if you at night it feels like that of a crocodile is creeping into the corner, toy hugging to ignite the light.

I ha-na idea.

And, therefore, a Finnish idea – indeed, the whole idea was originally mother of two Emmi On Entering the ukkumaan, whose son was afraid of the dark. But what if the arm is stuffed, which, at the same time also shed light upon the…? The idea was born in a four-woman’s startup, which is involved in the design and intelligent fabric (for example, the ironing thing).There are textile technology already patented, Leeluita have been presented in a variety of trade show and it is a development aAnd design and tested 120 child (plus they’re our two!) – and, indeed, it is expected that Leeluut will be all up for sale.

More Leeluusta here.

Our tirriäiset took Leeluut spontaneously as soon as play – just keep reminding, that these are we now just visiting and it was not until sometime later to ikiomat. Somehow automatically was coming together so that the heatsink was Silva’s and the OWL was in New Zealand. Both hoksasivat as soon as the “operating instructions” or hugged the lamps themselves on and off. An attempt was made to dimming stroked very much, but unfortunately these prototyping touch parts were so worn out that it is still worked as well as the final Leeluissa then works.

Night light feature is also good – when the power was going to screw up, but the final itself then becomes a time switch that turns off the light automatically after some time. It is a pretty good feature; now had to try to really exert oneself when children nukkuttaessa themselves awake, so that the light would not be left on top of the battery too quickly to spend. The final Leeluissa is, of course, then the charger included; These were still “to the right of the owner of the” power uplifts, so that is why the power was going to little tests not skimp when.

The toys in the shape of kainaloonsopiva, and was also very well hushed up in our bed. Andwe get out of bed, I …

We have the idea that girls may shift into their own their beds that sometimes two and four years of age – sometimes in the summer, maybe. That is why as soon as this Leeluusta to hear the both of us with Joel as soon as ekaksi in mind that H, this is just good for us!

Either way, that Leeluun will then itself, when there is a move to their own bed. A bit like “the prize” or something like that. In his own unikaveriksi there as an illustration to your own bed.

Or so that my first become familiar and beloved Leeluu should be our common bed. And then it would bring security, then there’s a new bed.

I do not know yet which one would work better … Which one you think that would sound more reasonable?

When the first time I googled Leeluuta, Google proposed a combination of the first word“Leeluu where you can buy”. He is, therefore, clearly already interested.

They are, therefore, not yet on sale, but in the near future will start a number of financial campaign, which the main idea is to advance-purchase your own Leeluu. And, therefore, to make it for themselves, as soon as the first set of toys, but will be completed. More information will come in the Leeluun Facebook page, then, when the toys are-available for purchase.

Oman Leeluun can now also win! Leeluun on Facebook in fact just now have been published in the contest, where you select your favorite of these characters – and it is a reward for my first instalment Leeluu immediately.

My personal favorite is that Hedgehog < 3 the way the model is therefore the third Leeluu-cat and I myself have not seen the pictures; We had a test with only these Hedgehog and OWL. Pretty funny thought otherwise – all of these – are nocturnal animals.

Chek Chek Chek, therefore, competition on Facebook here “tab where it says to” toss “.Directly to the contest (and if the tabs are not visible through) can be accessed here.

These we have briefly lived in the prototype-Leeluut leave, therefore, today testijaksoltaan “own house” and other children (and adults) to further testing. We vilkutamme goodbye to the offspring of these with your friends – and I hope to see you next summer!