Madagascar Religion

Most of the Madagascans profess traditional indigenous religions, where religious beliefs and ancestral worship are important elements. The world religion that has the most followers is Christianity.

The data vary, but more than half of the population is usually referred to as adherents to indigenous religions and just over 40 percent are referred to as Christians. There is a rough balance between the number of Protestants and Catholics. Hardly every tenth Madagascan is Muslim. The Muslims live mainly in the cities and often come from South Asia or neighboring Comoros.

In most of the indigenous religions, the relationship with the ancestors is central. In the marina and some other folk groups on the high plateau it is expressed in the reburial of the dead; a number of bodies are removed from the family grave and swept into new fabrics. In conjunction with these rituals, the large family group is gathered to receive the blessing of the ancestors.

Even most Christians practice ceremonies related to the ancestors. On the high plateau, most of the population is Christian. There are often two churches in each village, one Catholic and one Protestant.

Madagascar Population Pyramid 2020

  • Countryaah: Population statistics for 2020 and next 30 years in Madagascar, covering demographics, population graphs, and official data for growth rates, population density, and death rates.



The first death in covid-19

May 16

Madagascar gets its first confirmed death with covid-19. It concerns a 57-year-old man with underlying illnesses who worked as a parking attendant at a hospital in Toamasina. At the time, Madagascar 304 confirmed cases of covid-19. Madagascar has received international attention for President Rajoelina’s claim that a herb brew from the island cures corona-infected people. The victim did not have the brew before he was placed in a respirator, according to Rajoelina. Several African countries have ordered or shown interest in the brew, which has been named Covid-Organics. WHO has warned that the brew is not tested properly.


Support package from the IMF

2 April

Madagascar receives a $ 166 million support package from the IMF to fight the new coronavirus sars-cov-2, which caused a pandemic.


Measures against coronary pandemic

March 23rd

President Rajoelina orders that the country’s two largest cities Antananarivo and Toamasina be quarantined in an attempt to curb the spread of the new corona virus, which has caused a pandemic. All residents are encouraged to stay home. All passenger transport is prohibited. Only important stores such as grocery stores and pharmacies are kept open. Nightly curfew prevails. When the decisions are made, Madagascar has twelve confirmed cases of coronary infection.

Madagascar Religion