Modern and Avant-garde Creations of Brad Ascalon

Today we will talk of a creator who presents a style that called me pleasantly attention. Brad Ascalon is a designer of origin in United States of America recognized not only by your talent, but also come from a family dedicated to sculpture and art.

All drawings of Ascalon are designed to adorn the interior of the place. Are objects with great force and color. This great color palette helps us to create spaces of comfort and well-being.

Of your large product catalog, one that called me very much attention were his armchairs Pillar. These seats were designed to be used in lounge style. So are ideal for restaurants, bars, lofts or homes furnished with an urban style and relaxed.

The colors and shapes of Brad Ascalon’s works are inspired by the geometric shapes. In this case, the seats are inspired by Pillar in cubes, being faithful to aesthetics and to correct the lines.


Continuing with creations that caught my attention, I want to tell you about the wonderful couchLowrider. This compact sofa features a simple appearance that conveys peace, rest and comfort.Must be great to stand on this couch so comodo.

The colors of these sofas are within just a tint, obeying the dark shades, light or mixtures of colors.This design is ideal for modern and avant-garde spaces. Both the ways in which the colors perfectly combine with these decorative styles.

Now the other type of furniture. If we talk of tables within this catalog designer of the United States, we find models of all types. Coffee tables, low, AIDS, etc. The tables are fundamental elements in any decor and with the works of Ascalon the success is assured.


The table llinear, which is what we have in the upper image, presents a perfect style for a loft, with your brackets based on modular structures. These are symmetrical, by presenting a slight hint of movement.

The Linear table holder is made of fine glass, properly cut and polished, that offers a clear and uniform surface.

Surely will have noticed that the projects are intended to provide a Ascalon touch of elegance and movement to any space in which they are located.