Modern Design Luminaires with Retro Flair – The Cervantes Luminaire by LFZ

Lighting fixtures are employed not only for lighting, but also the interior design to emphasize. Without light sources, there is neither color nor shading, and both are essential in order for the environment to be captured, perceived and interpreted correctly. In this article we will introduce you to a successful combination of high-tech and old-fashioned design – the Cervantes luminaire by LFZ.

Design lamps ensure a pleasant atmosphere

The LFZ company was founded in 1994 by independent designers. The Cervantes luminaire has a refined and refined design, the shape of which is both magnificent and extraordinary. This modern lamp was created with skill and technological innovation. The Cervantes lamp has a strong relation to the writer and playwright Miguel de Cervantes.

Design lights inspired by the neck circling

Cervantes is the creation of the award-winning German designer Burkhard Dämmer, whose design embodies the flexible and lurching effect of a cactus neck. The cervical collar, also known as a collar, was worn in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as a component of clothing. The neck cries were then made from the ruffled neck of a collar. Influenced by Spanish fashion, the frill was an important part of the upscale clothing for both men and women. Burkhard Dammer was inspired by a painting depicting Miguel de Cervantes with a cactus for the design of his Cervantes lamp.

Production of Cervantes luminaire

In the production of the Cervantes lamp, Duster played with the remarkable flexibility of the wood veneer and created a pattern resembling a neck claw. He has undoubtedly succeeded in creating a fascinating trelliswork of wood veneer strips. In order to complete his prototype, Dusmer decided to shape his circular and splendid luminaire as a domed lens on which the wooden veneer strips lie. These wood veneer strips are an ideal light diffuser. Behind the wood veneer strips is a high-performance LED system. A large metal buckle gives Dämmers design lighting the right finish.

A successful interplay of Renaissance and baroque

These design lamps embody the high-tech lamp design, which remains in keeping with tradition. At Cervantes we feel a touch of the Renaissance, a style with emphasis on symmetry, proportion and geometry. One can also recognize the characteristic features of the Baroque, a characteristic approach to design, namely, with emphasis on the decorative, ornate and complicated. Due to the perfect involvement of high-tech and the old-fashioned, Burkhard Dammer has designed a light that radiates warmth, vitality and tranquility.

The Cervantes luminaire in different furnishing styles

This classy style luminaire by LFZ is available as wall and pendant light. It will fit into apartments with a variety of furnishing styles – from an environment typical of the middle of the century to urban and chic spaces. If Cervantes was still alive, this designer luminaire would certainly have liked him.