Modern Style Loft Studio B2architecture

The B2architecture is a us company of designers and architects that is characterized by your work effective and unique. It was founded in 2007 and has since been-if setting for your excellent communication and adjust to the needs and requirements of customers.

Reviewing the work of this team we found one that we’d like to share with you. The architects and designers of B2architecture have an incredible modern style loft in an old industrial building in Prague.

A proposal that brings together the modern with the old

The main objective was to renew the space while maintaining the industrial air that characterized.The Group of designers found the perfect solution for this: save some walls. So one of the walls of the loft was kept giving the rudimentary touch that characterized the construction and to contrast this effect: wooden floors and glass.


The floor of the loft is one of the most innovative aspects, not only by the contrast between the wall and the wood, but because toggles the wood with a glass pane that allows from the second floor an incredible view of the kitchen of the first floor.

The eclectic style of the first floor

The eclectic style defines the work of the American Group and this loft could not be the exception. To follow with alternating between sophisticated and rustic environment, propose alternate these two trends in the choice of furniture and lamps. So we found in the dining room a rustic wooden table with a set of white chairs with ultramodern style.

The kitchen, which is joint to the dining room, is a room where reigns the Houseware steel and black, one of the walls, designed slate type creating a stylish atmosphere that contrasts with the place designed for enjoying meals. In the kitchen I’m surprised us the peculiar style of sink. The lamps chosen for this space contrasts with the dining room and the living room, vintage style, which seem drawn up manually with large yellow light bulbs.


After dining room we found a small room formed only by a white L-shaped sofa with cushions that alternate different grey tones and wooden shelves for the books and tv. Behind the sofa have a panel with a glass door that leads to a counter and allows the lighting of this natural space.

Private space

At the top level we find an Office packed with the equipment necessary for the work of customers, the bathroom and the rooms. The Office is small and is decorated only with the necessary equipment, a desk and a Chair for the job.

A lounge dedicated to reading is the space where is the glass panel in the floor that overlooks the kitchen. In this space we found a comfortable black armchair in contrast with the wooden shelf for books.


The bathroom is very simple and here lies the your sophistication and elegance. The white and wood imposed in this space. All furniture is white, like the walls, and a wooden panel establishes a division which gives privacy to the bathtub. Under the sink we also find a small wooden table.

The rooms are very simple, only compounds the beds and cabinets, with large Windows giving access to natural light. The lamps chosen for both rooms are extremely rudimentary and contrasts with the white walls and grey in another case.

The simplicity, greater sophistication

This group of architects seems to have the simplicity and originality as goals whenever undertakes a project. The result that obtain in each work is amazing and this loft in Prague is a proof of your excellent performance. A modern style in a rustic space creating a unique environment.