Nomadic Pabobo Night Light

I’m testing a few months a really innovative Nightlight! It is really greafor the children, and for parents, I admit shamefully that Papapunk and me, we we are attached the pilot light for our travel in case of night-time Awakenings of the Babypunk!

Nomadic Pabobo Night Light

Concerning its use, it is very convenient, since you can leave it on all the time, it lights when it gets dark… It is nevertheless possible to turn me off with a small button. She is absolutely not fragile, judging its resistance by the number of falls from height pop-up, and she weighs 70 grams, a real pen!

It does not heat, so baby can sleep with flower nightlights, its light and soft touch is reassuring. And we cannot fail to back burner without charging the battery at the worst moment, then there’s a witness bright of the State of the battery! It is a real plus, because in the family Flying in general, we tend to forget to reload the nightlights and find much clueless at bedtime when pressing the button, nothing happens… And our son cry…

A huge highlight of the night light, therefore it is “nomad”. By nomad, I mean we can go on vacation with without worrying about his charging because the battery lasts in 30 days for night use, or about 200 hours!

In recent weeks, the nomadic Nightlight Pabobo sits on the nightstand of my dear Papapunk, I use it when working at night, so that it does not turn on our room as the Palace of Versailles at the time where it sets! So, I can continue to sleep! Similarly, we have well useful for the night, when the (many) Awakenings in tears of Babypunk, to him back to sleep more easily in a half-light, without bumping around!