Old Glass Vials Used as Decorative Elements

At the end of the holidays many we feel a little sad for the feeling of returning to routine missing the days of rest and holidays. Add some new decorative element the home can help us get more pleasant surroundings that encourage us. I don’t speak so much shopping to do something personal.

A very simple idea is the leverage old bottles of glass of different sizes and shapes that we have at home. Also can use for this project things holiday-related, perhaps stones that we have collected in the field or shells that have brought us as a souvenir of the beach. So we will keep the summer in our day to day.

The glass vials seen on void do not have much charm, but if we are filled with appropriate things and put them in a nice shelf can look very good and provide us with a harmonious decorative set.

As I said before we can use stones or shells, but also dried flowers or sand that I can even dye with color chalks. In the project open to all members of the family, children can help fill the jars and all spend a fun time at the same time we get something nice and decorative for our home.


Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors

Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors

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