Open Doors: a Harmonious Home in Brooklin

How I liked this House of Brooklin. This is one of the cases where we have a harmonious apartment, It is not too small (even if eye is not give in more than 70 square meters) in which owners have put all the MIME of the world to make it nice, and they have filled him with personal memories to give it life. I join?

We started our journey in the lounge, you have on these lines. Observe how have decided to light blue the wall where are two windows, while a part of the wall that you have left is Azure Blue. In this way They include sofa (an Ikea Ektorp, if I am not mistaken) that white would not be just on a very clear basis.

Observe how They combine furniture IKEA with other older as the trunk that serves to set up plants or the table in the corner, that does not clash with the more modern furniture. Touches of color in this room have an undeniable ethnic air, as we see in the cushions and cloth which covers the trunk. There is something about this in the box on the couch.

In the master bedroom we have once more East ethnic textiles air and in the picture which you have left. I like how has been, perhaps somewhat minimalist but with the blend of white and yellow which makes it relaxing and cozy. On this occasion, we could say that you have used the move contrary to the employee lounge. Here the wall of impact, which would go on the headboard of the bed, is white while yellow serves for the rest of the stay.

In this bedroom there are few pieces of decoration, but I really like how you have adjusted the Desktop available corner on one side of the bed, perhaps ignoring one of the night tables. How have created a reading corner with a Chair and a footstool under the window to relax before going to bed is also original. Here, in the same way that in the living room, noticed an absence of curtains that allow the entrance of this flood of light as well remaining in sight.

Sorry not to be able to show you a better view of the kitchen, but we will have to settle for this. What we have here is a table serving as well as pantry the inhabitants of this House. On the two shelves (and I guess in crates) are crammed food and about it, besides the plants, we have some decorative element more.

In my opinion, in the table they have failed the owners of this House since, if indeed they have so little space, should perhaps do without much decoration on it and embrace minimalism as they have in other rooms and even look for one solution with doors to make it less “messy”. I like the repetition of the same frame on the wall to frame different sheets but the table seems to me the great mistake of the House.

Finally, I want you to see the guest bedroom This House, which again is dominated by minimalism. While opening, the door was difficult, can be seen in the image that they have solved it with a sliding door that does not occupy much space. I like how the ethnic patterns here are few leaving a harmonious and relaxing stay.

As you can see, it does not lack details fill the House to have a environment harmonious and minimalist to relax at the sight. With few furniture you can create more welcoming rooms.