Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)

Sharm El Sheikh is located on the Sinai Peninsula, which links Africa with Asia. The peninsula protrudes into the Red Sea, dividing it into the gulfs of Suez and Aqaba. In terms of landscape, Sinai is one of the most amazing regions of Egypt. The northern part of the peninsula is occupied by a desert plateau, the mountains in the south are formed by crystalline rocks, painted in blue, green and red colors. Through the Sinai Peninsula, along the so-called “silk” route, merchants carried goods from the Far East to Egypt.

The predominant population of Sinai is Bedouin. They have recently switched to a sedentary or semi-sedentary way of life, but they continue to strictly adhere to the traditions of their tribe, among which, first of all, hospitality.

At Sharm El Sheikh, known as “Rimini Sinai”, prices are higher than in Hurghada. The development of the resort began with Naama Bay, where there are now many hotels, shops, restaurants and discos. But the most luxurious hotels are located outside this bay, on the coast. They have their own large landscaped area and their own coral reef.

According to Politicsezine, Sharm el-Sheikh is not a city, in the truest sense of the word. It has no central square, no main mosque, no city hall. There is no history, or rather, his story is just beginning. This is a giant construction site in the desert, where only Bedouins lived recently. Americans, Germans, French have invested their capital in the construction of numerous hotels that grow like mushrooms. There is only one task: to make the fairy tales “A Thousand and One Nights” come true, with Western money and scale, creating a truly oriental luxury.

Most of the resort’s hotels are built in the Arabic style, which creates a unique oriental flavor. On site you can play tennis and table tennis, do water aerobics in the pool, tone your muscles in the gym or relax in the jacuzzi.

Every now and then along the seaside highway there are villages with adobe huts, where delicious dishes of freshly caught fish are served and where you can rent a room cheaply to spend a few days by the sea.

This eco-friendly area is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Coral reefs stretch along the entire coast of Sharm el-Sheikh. Also here you can see the remains of sunken ships and shark bay. There are no reefs only in Naama Bay, the beaches here are sandy and only small formations that are in the water quite far from the beach remind of coral reefs. It can be said that the entire tourism industry of Sharm el-Sheikh is subordinated to one pleasure – scuba diving: local shops are littered with special equipment, sportswear and various accessories useful for professional and beginner divers. If you have never tried scuba diving, you can learn this in one of the diving centers.

Also popular are day trips on boats on the surrounding reefs, near which you can snorkel, which is a great alternative to spending time on the beach. They are inexpensive, the route usually includes three different coral reefs at different points along the coast and lunch on the ship.

From Sharm el-Sheikh you can make an excursion to the Monastery of St. Catherine, which is located 208 km from Sharm el-Sheikh, at an altitude of 1570 m in the valley between the mountains of Moses, Katarina and Safsaf. The monastery was built in the VI century. A three-aisled basilica rises in the labyrinth of monastic buildings. It should be remembered that the monastery is closed on major holidays.

Interesting Mount Moses (Jebel Musa). Many climb Mount Moses, 2285 m high, to meet the dawn. It is said that the tablets of the law with the ten commandments were handed over here. 3400 granite steps lead to the top of the mountain. Two-thirds of the way can be traveled by camel. Ain Musa – “Source of Moses”. According to legend, here Moses turned the brackish swamp water into drinking water.

Excursions to Cairo (by bus) and Luxor (by plane) are also organized.

The nightlife of Sharm el-Sheikh is located in Naama Bay, famous for its discos, nightclubs, casinos and show programs. A favorite place for tourists is the “promenade” – a walking path that connects all the hotels into a shared recreation area. There are many restaurants with varied cuisine, where you can not only have a delicious dinner, but also listen to the performances of artists and rock bands.

Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)