Tableware Set and Table Decoration by Zaha Hadid – Collection 2016

Although the iconic designer Zaha Hadid is no longer alive, their works, designs and their spirit lives on. The architectural office, which she founded and named after her, develops projects that she has begun and which are new, which correspond to her philosophy and vision. Recently Whole collection appeared Housewares – Dinnerware Set and table decorations made of high quality porcelain or glass that give the emblematic designs new shape.

Tableware Set and Table Decoration Collection 2016 Brand Zaha Hadid

Presented at the recent Maison & Objet exhibition – Autumn 2016 – convince the commodities with his striking, but also very simple style design. The design concept develops around the contrast of shapes, colors and the optical illusion that they achieve. The collection is designed exclusively in black and white and includes well-known works by Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadids Tableware Set and Table Decoration – Collection 2016 – Salt and Pepper ‘Z-Play’

Organically and geometrically shaped, the porcelain products play with the optical perception, but remain true to their function. Through these useful objects, the user comes closer to Zaha Hadid’s emblematic design and philosophy. The exhibition presents a retrospective new overview of her four decades of career as an architect and designer. She herself says that all of her projects and drafts have a connection between her, inspiring inspiration and ideas only through different media. The essence remains unchanged.

Crockery set and table decoration with the distinctive form language typical for Zaha Hadid Designs -‘Prime ‘candles

‘Prime’ is a set of perfume candles made of paraffin or soy wax in untypical containers. The ‘housing’ is characterized by a structure characteristic of the plant cells and comprehensible in several designs of Zaha Hadids. It is made of fine-grained ceramic, which makes the wax filling satin-matt. When the wax melts, the container changes externally.

Tableware set Porcelain wheels – white, handleless, interior colored

The collection is entirely based on the designs of the designer and interprets them on a smaller scale. Underneath the perfect surface are other forms that create visual 3D effects. Structures designed by Zaha Hadid for one or another architectural project are now given a new form as decorative or purely useful objects.

Table decoration made of glass Brand Zaha Hadid – Tealight glasses ‘Shimmer’

A set of candles or crockery from the collection will surely provide an eye-catcher on the table. The association with the iconic architect and designer is certainly appreciated by connoisseurs.