Temari: Wonderful Decorations of Yarn From Japan

We have seen how to enrich the Christmas atmosphere at home with a northern European touch, following the Finnish tradition of hanging Himmeli , geometric sculptures auspicious, and how to make the most original Christmas tree using different materials and creativity.

Today, if not the you already know I show you the ancient Japanese tradition of Temari, embroidered yarn balls. In Japan it is made ​​Temari following ancient techniques of centuries and tradition has it that they were made ​​and exchanged as gifts; might be an idea for us to make some very special decorative effect.

These I choose to show you even realizes now an old lady Japanese well 93 years! Until a few years ago not only he realized for himself and his family, but he taught the ancient tradition to anyone wishing to learn its secrets.

The Temari are balls of wool or different yarns, wound tight and coated wire using a technique somewhere between embroidery and weaving. It takes patience and skill to certainly achieve wonderful results of the Japanese granny but for those who feel ready to try I found this tutorial. It is in English but the steps are illustrated with photographs accurate.
There are rules to follow, but only the imagination. Good job!