The Home of Our Best Friend, Another Use for The Hollow of The Ladder

In other entries we have seen how we can use the stairwell to order books or have a cupboard, pantry or closet multipurpose. Today we see some fun Casitas for house pets, decorative and witty. Clear that some doubts, mostly come me at the time of clean the cottages, since those of the garden with a going are as new, but inside House thing is complicated.

Three examples to show that we must ask ourselves very well this use of the stairwell, Since it is a very original idea can become a nightmare. From the decorative point of view is a cucada (as Raquel would say), although I don’t know if having dwarves at home, the dog house would become a perfect getaway/hideout.

The first entries is large and therefore, easy to clean, is fundamental to the soil, If it is wood, is protected. Must not forget that pets spend much time on the street and if you have a garden you can fill the House of Earth and dead leaves, also as “do yours” the stairwell, we may find ourselves with unpleasant surprises, as hunting trophies (dead), that sometimes are buried in the garden and at other times in their homes to remove the smell of clean.

Yes the floor is tile, marble, terrazzo etc, it is not so serious, since they are easy to clean and does not pick up smells, Although the House door should be large enough as to allow access to all corners.

On the outside, you have to give rein to imagination. Feel me great tree painted on the wall and postbox vintage in the door with the name of the dog, but here if you can put thousands of things: mats, small umbrella stands, name of the casita, birds, flowers…

Once seen the pros and cons of making a Dolls House to live animals, which, although domesticated, they are still animals and, unless you are Robert De Niro, not going to the fourth bathroom and make their stuff, I am not very in favour of these Playhouses for pets And you?