Une Pieces of Wood and Build Your Own Furniture with Patch

Surely many of you have in mind as it would be perfect furniture, which is would have, which would be its size… but does not exist as such and not you can buy it. The option of the DIY and get wood to do so it is not nothing complicated, but once we have the wooden pieces then should join them.

The joining pieces of wood to set up the furniture of your dreams with guarantees of resistance, stability and durability that is already something more difficult to think about your design and get the material. Bezaprojekt We want to give the solution with Patch, metal parts that are used to join pieces of wood with others firmly.

Within this collection of metal parts to make different pieces of wood joints very diverse forms. That means that they adapt to all kinds of meetings. We can join two pieces of wood cross, diagonal or best suits us. We just need the screws and tool for screwing.

In addition these metal parts painted in color they are even decorative on the wood natural, i.e., that not only there because hide them but are well and are part of the furniture, giving it a modern and fun.