Vintage Wallpaper with Retro Flair – Nostalgic Wall Design with Charm

The vintage style radiates romance and nostalgia and creates a special atmosphere in every interior. Would you like your vintage furnishings give the finishing touch, you can also think about a matching wallpaper. A wallpaper in the vintage style is also suitable in other furnishing styles super as additional decoration.

We have already presented attractive wallpapers for Glamora wetlands that impress with unique designs. Today we show you pretty models of vintage wallpaper of the same brand, which can be used for the wall design of the interiors.

Vintage wallpaper in the bedroom

The floral vintage wallpaper is a true dream, which makes it perfect for the bedroom. Your neutral color can be combined with both dark and light furniture. In addition to the subtle blossoms, vigorous ones are also present as an accent, which give a neutral space the necessary color. Another great idea you can see below.

Vintage wallpaper with letter

Vintage wallpapers are available in various variations. The choice can be narrowed by choosing what effect you want to achieve. Would you like it romantic, choose, for example, flowers or a vintage wallpaper in pink. On the top you see an urban variant with newspaper motifs and a sporty bike. The model is called “Bike Club”.

Pink vintage wallpaper

A vintage wallpaper in pink exudes a lot of romance. If it also has such ombre effects as this “bittersweet” wallpaper from Glamora the effect is even strengthened. Flowers and butterflies here and there give the model a unique charm, which makes every observer dream.

Wallpaper “Memories”

The name of the wallpaper fits perfectly to the design of the model. Illustrated are letters and postcards. The vintage wallpaper in beige fits perfectly with white furniture, which are often chosen for the vintage furnishings. Adjust the decor of the wallpaper by distributing decorations in similar colors and nuances.

Wallpaper with wood as motif

This vintage wallpaper is intended to remind old fruit crates as they were used in earlier times. Here you see the model with a faded Maiskolben as motive. “Harvest” is also available with apples, strawberries or peaches. The depicted wood on the wallpaper radiates rustic flair, which fits very well into the kitchen.

Vintage retro wallpaper

Everything you associate with the 50s or 60s is suitable for a vintage wallpaper. At “Goddbye Kiss”, this is a retro car, as well as labels with their typical designs. The collage, created from all these motifs, creates a unique wallpaper, which is available in four color variations. Glamora has surpassed itself here once again.

Vinyl wallpapers of Glamora

The wallpapers of Glamora are also washable and waterproof. Which is why you can easily use them in dampened rooms as a wall design. The tapet glue is delivered with your order, so you can be sure to get the best quality. The vintage wallpaper “Your Life” consists of a collage of several motifs, including thistles, a motto and the circus theme.

Stamps as motif

This wallpaper consists of stamped stamps motifs. If the monochrome variant is too monotonous, you also have the choice between three additional color variants. The vintage wallpaper in the bedroom should be soothing as much as possible. Too confused colors can make for a more restless sleep. They are finally the last thing we see before falling asleep.

Vintage wallpaper

Mainly in beige and with some discreet accents in tender pink this vintage wallpaper was designed. It consists of many different motifs, among them flowers, trees and patterns, which are only weakly noticeable. Such wallpapers are just as suitable for modern facilities as for the vintage or shabby style.

Monochrome Wallpaper “Vitality”

A vintage wallpaper in the kitchen or in the dining room ensures a pleasant atmosphere when the family gathered for food. The wallpaper “Vitality” creates an optical illusion by conjuring typical vintage elements on the wall, including a telephone with turntables, an old bicycle, wall paneling and chandeliers.

Baroque vintage wallpaper

This wallpaper design is a timeless design, which spoils every style of furnishing and adds elegance. The vintage wallpaper fits both to antique pieces of furniture such as this brown leather sofa, as well as to minimalist variants, which should be displayed even better with the help of such a wallpaper.

Clockwork as motif

“Clockwork” is again a monochrome design. Again, you have the choice between four variants. In addition to this simpler model you can also choose one with color accents as well as with some dark gear wheels or in dark gray. The vintage wallpaper is extremely attractive in all variants and radiates a special charm, which is also suitable for the industrial style.

White and blue

A vintage wallpaper in blue can look just as romantic as a pink model. Importantly, the color is pale and not vigorous. It can also look worn to get closer to the shabby chic style. The model is also available in gray, pink and with yellow, so you can adapt it to your decor.

“Must Have” wallpaper

On this wallpaper again books are pictured. They make you look as if you were looking into a huge bookcase. The vintage look is created mainly by the pale, seemingly worn colors. A matching vintage-style wardrobe is very popular with such a vintage wallpaper, especially when it is chosen in a contrasting color.

Retro Cassettes

Do you remember the age of cassettes? If you think nostalgically of these times back, you can choose a wallpaper with colored cassettes as motifs for the wall design. “Mixtape” is also available in a more feminine design with more pink as well as in two other color combinations. A great idea for the study, do not you?

“Boardwalk” – walkers on the wall

Whether in gray, beige or pink, this vintage wallpaper is really appealing. It shows the usual everyday life in the city many years ago. Strollers as well as carriages and the first cars can be seen. The color of the wallpaper is best chosen according to the color of your furniture. If you have not got any furniture, you can also do the reverse.

Retro wallpaper

This vintage wallpaper was inspired by the 1960s and especially by the so-called Décollage, which was common during this time. “Idolescence” conjures up a long forgotten atmosphere in any living space and is the perfect choice for all fans of Rock’n’Roll. Choose this monochrome or one of the three-color designs for wall design.

Pattern wallpaper in vintage style

“Jupiter 41” shows a mix of eclectic motifs, made of colorful colors and highlighted on the blue background. A mix of modern and vintage elements is created for a unique ambience. The modern is inspired by an enchanting beauty, as only vintage decorations create.

Shabby chic wallpapers

The vintage wallpaper with wood is among the most popular models. Very original, we find this idea, in which are piled on the wallpaper stacked barrels. The wood from which they are made is also attractively peeled off. The combination with a non-wallpapered column as an accent is just as effective and sets the wallpaper wonderfully in the scene.