Visa to Ethiopia

In order to, following the example of the sun of Russian poetry, mourn him about gloomy Russia under the sky of Africa, a Russian tourist, unlike Alexander Sergeevich, needs a visa. However, honoring the memory of its great son, the ancient and African-like magnanimous Ethiopia lets our brother into its hot expanses with a minimum of formalities – a visa can be obtained at the airport upon arrival. The set of documents required to cross the border of the country is as simple as the Amharic alphabet: a passport with a period that overlaps the date of return, and 60 USD to pay a visa fee, as well as a questionnaire filled out on the spot. Well, if you plan to admire the beauties of Ethiopia repeatedly, it makes sense to apply for a multiple-entry visa for 6 months – however, this is only done in advance, at the consular department of the Ethiopian Embassy in Moscow.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Ethiopia is 117.9 million (2021).

Ethiopia visa documents

Documents required for obtaining a visa at Addis Ababa airport:

  1. international passport

The validity period of which is longer than the expected stay in the country.

  1. Questionnaire

Immigration application form, which must be completed in English.

Once in the arrivals hall, you need to go to the office of the migration service with the sign “Visa”, present your passport, application form and pay the visa fee. A visa sticker will be pasted into the passport. Then you can head to the passport control desks, where the sticker will be canceled with an entry stamp.

Visa fee: single entry visa for 30 days – 40 USD, single entry visa for 90 days – 60 USD.

In some cases, the passport control officer may inquire about the availability of sufficient funds to stay in the country – then it is enough to show cash or present a bank card.

Medical insurance

when crossing the border or applying for a visa to Ethiopia, they do not require, but to go to Africa without it is a very reckless step.

Ethiopia visa documents

Documents required for obtaining a visa at the embassy:

  1. international passport

The validity period of which covers the period of the intended stay in the country.

  1. Photo

One color or black and white photo 3×4 cm.

  1. Questionnaire

Completed in English or Russian and signed by the applicant.

  1. Help from the place of work

Certificate of employment with the prescribed position and salary.

  1. Hotel reservation

Hotel booking confirmation (printed from the Internet or fax) or an invitation (from a private person or organization) indicating the purpose and timing of the trip.

Documents can be submitted in person, through a trustee or a travel agency. There is no pre-registration. A visa is issued in two working days, if necessary, you can ask the consul to issue a visa within one day. The visa fee varies depending on the exchange rate of the ruble and is approximately equal to that charged at the border. “Cartoon” for six months costs around 90 USD at the current rate.

Visa to Ethiopia