What Do You Same: Creates a Cabinet with a Tree Branch

Just yesterday, in basic parts for your baby bedroom, gave the idea of put a Cabinet in sight made from a tree branch to hang clothes and other accessories for your baby, promising that he would soon show some solutions on how to apply this idea, and as promised is debt, here you have the post.

In same Decoesfera have already talked about how to use tree branches to other household appliances, as for example use to hang curtains or hanging pictures, always with a rustic approach, as in a good idea: a branch for a rustic touch. Today, by contrast, the focus in create a wardrobe with a tree branch with an aesthetic noridca and current, keeping the natural touch but with an urban and colourful look.

Hung from the wall or ceiling

First of all you are looking for a branch that is resistant and is not sick, smooth it to remove imperfections and do not scrape, above all which is well smooth. Then you decide where to put the branch, if hanging from the ceiling, in a bar, under the window, behind the door or wall.

The site where put the branch will determine as hang it, a very beautiful solution is to hang it by tying some strings to the branch subjects with screw to the ceiling hooks. If you put it on the wall or a window cornice will need a heavy duty and long piece that hold the branch to the wall and you enough distance to hang the clothes. In the images you’ll find quite a few solutions.

Give life and color

If you are looking for a natural look, varnishing it or you can also paint a part in white, black or neutral tones. But if what you want is to give a touch of color to the space, you can paint the branch with prints to stripes, polka dots, hearts, here I leave beautiful ideas.

Another modern solution is to paint half or the Centre of the branch in fluorescent colors or pastel shades, as in the image of the “Receiver” section. You can also leave the branch in its original color and Add a touch of color with the strings.


Add accessories in the branch to give the desired look, cuelga dolls, ties, putting vinyl, a wreath, even lights or original hangers. If you are looking for a sober look with a very modern touch, put a dark wooden bar and uses copper-colored hangers. If on the other hand is for a child room, usa a wood clarita and some decorated hangers, in this case we speak of some beautiful vintage hangers authentic 1930’s, you can get them at Etsy Rare Vintage Children completo Wood Clothes Hangers.

In the Hall

Another solution that I love is place the branch of a tree in the entrance hall of your House to hang coats, umbrellas and bags, an original way to replace the classic donkey, look at these two wonderful examples, two solutions simple and cheap to change the look of your receiver.

Other uses

The branches, as we mentioned at the start, you can use them in many other ways, in the case of a baby’s room a graceful solution is used as mobile. Another great application is use as a canopy, you will be great in an infant room so if you put it on the bed or a corner to create a corner of reading or game with a carpet on the floor.

Although the post basically focused it on solutions for babies, any application that I propose can be adapted for a bedroom or dressing room for adults. You can apply all these ideas to hang anything necklaces, photos, flowers, plants and washi tape. It will be great anywhere in the House, workshop, study, Hall, lounge, where you need it.

Above all keep in mind the strength of the branch and the amount of weight you are going to put, thinks is the best way to hang it and the best accessories for it, that are appropriate for the weight you need, ask advice from your hardware store will provide what you need.