Which Colors Fit Together – 18 Design and Styling Tips

As in art, fashion, but also in interior design one is before the decisive Asked – ‘ what colors go together?’ Some work well together, others ‘bite’. In order to inquire about the harmonious color combinations without learning the whole color scheme, the color circle is used.

Schematically, it represents the natural color gradations The basic colors are yellow, blue and red, all others are considered secondary -. Green, Orange, Purple, and arise from the mixing of the primary.

Which colors fit together – color circle and color combinations

The color circle consists of basically 12 colors whose initial colors are red, blue and yellow. The primary and secondary colors are six chromatic color combinations – yellow-orange, orange-red, red-violet, violet-blue, blue-green, green-yellow. If you want to achieve a strong contrast, you can use colors that lie opposite each other in the color circle. Blue and Orange, Violet and Gleb, Green and Red call themselves complementary colors.

Which colors fit together – set contrast

These opposing colors are stingingly juxtaposed, attracting attention subconsciously. The contrasting color combinations are very extravagant and are usually used in fashion. Often they come as a playful accessory or a single part, around which the whole look is built up. In room design, the bold accents of art, such as avant-garde, pop art and expressionism, recall.

Which colors fit together – create harmony by primary colors

The combination of primary colors creates a harmonious overall picture. They are strong, full and provide for a really good mood. For children’s rooms or areas, which should appear friendly, these are wonderful. It is recommended to use only one or two primary colors and combine with one of the neutral colors – black, white and gray.

Which colors fit together – warm and cool colors

The warm and cool colors stand on both sides of the color circle. Basically, are considered warm – yellow, orange and red, and as cool – blue, green and violet. They harmonize with each other and fit perfectly together. The decor is accented only in warm or cool shades. Clothing in the same color palette may appear shrill and worn out when it is not adapted to the skin type. Depending on the skin tone and hair color, each person can be assigned to the warm or cold color type. People with slightly yellowish skin and golden-blond, reddish or chocolate-brown hair stand out from the warm earth tones. On the other hand, people with the so-called porcelain skin, with a bluish undertone, which usually have aseptic, ash brown or black hair, cool colors such as gray, black, blue tones.

Which colors fit together – analog colors

The analog colors belong to one color family, therefore they work very harmoniously next to each other. Shades of the same color look stylish and elegant, the viewer perceives them as pleasant and quiet. When choosing the right colors, choose nuances of the same color family, creating a monochromatic look that balances through fine-feeling. It is the perfect color selection as well as the wardrobe, as well as the room design, to appear simple, but not impersonal.

Which colors fit together – pastel colors

Pasted tones are obtained when primary and secondary colors are lightened or mixed with white. In addition, successful combinations are also possible under pastel colors, as well as with strong nuances. Pleasant effect is achieved when large areas are kept bright and accents are limited by contrasts to small space. Pastel colors are rich in shades, which have a particularly noble effect and can be implemented identically in the design of a room as well as a fashionable look.

Which colors fit together – the color concept

There should be a color concept for the daily clothing or the choice of furniture and furnishings. In interior design, the function that the room fulfills, as well as the living style that characterizes the furnishings, is decisive. When it comes to clothing, it is important whether it is a formal meeting or an outfit for everyday life. Not last, as already mentioned, is the individual type of skin.

Which colors fit together – tips for the successful color concept

In design, design & fashion, color plays a major role, it influences the perception and even conveys messages. This depends on the intensity, the amount of the nuance and above all how this is implemented. The main color is the center of the overall image. It does not necessarily cover the largest area and does not always sting the eye.

Which colors fit together and which ones to green

Green can not be judged finally as warm or cool color. It is in the middle and depends on the mixing tone – blue or yellow, has a warm or rather cold effect. Depending on intensity and nuance, green is next to almost every other color and ensures balance under warm or cold tones.

Which colors fit together and which ones to yellow

Yellow conveys sun, warmth, lust for life, is invigorating and fresh. It is usually popular in its intense form as corn yellow or lemon yellow and is then gladly placed next to brown, expressive anthracite. With variations of green and blue, a contrast is achieved, which is much milder in pastel nuances.

What colors go with blue, dark blue,  turquoise

Blue belongs to the primary colors and also to the Basic wardrobe. The color is so multifaceted and its variations are countless. Once as a pair of jeans, then as a uniform or favorite baby outfit, blue always emerges again. It can be combined in the interior wonderfully with earth tones, but also with gray or green.

Which colors fit to red, wine red, Bordeaux

Red is fire, strength and intensity. In the interior design it sets accents and extravagant gaze. In clothing, it is considered a timeless classic, a symbol of femininity. No dress other than the red looks so feminine seductive. Red due to its intensity is particularly well-suited to non-colors, which also balances the strong effect. Refined pastel nuances such as wine red, and Bordeaux are highly sought after in the autumn.

What colors suit lilac and purple

Purple and violet are mixed colors of blue and red, in which one or the other color dominates. Violet is one of the cool, lilac to the warm nuances and can therefore be combined with which from the same color family. Nevertheless, these primary farms are relatively difficult to combine and occur as a successful ton-in-tone ensemble.

What colors match – Frabgestaltung in brown, beige

Brown and beige are considered more or less as neutral nuances, which are integrated practically in the interior or in the fashion. Popular color for flooring and wooden furniture include variations of it to any home. It is made of leather, which makes it suitable for everyday wear.

What colors go together – the non-colors:  white, gray, black

White, black and gray are still referred to as non-colors in the wardrobe, just like in the interior design, simply ‘all-rounder’. Multifunctional and versatile, these are suitable for every area and are regarded as timeless chic on every occasion.


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