How to Get to Rwanda

From Moscow to Rwanda can be reached by flights of Qatar Airways via Doha, KLM with a change in Amsterdam, Emirates via Dubai, Brussels Airlines via Brussels. These flights can be operated with or without refueling in Nairobi (flight time from Nairobi to Rwandan capital Kigali is 25 minutes).

Another option is to fly to Nairobi, East Africa’s main hub, and from there to Rwanda on regional carriers Kenya Airlines and Rwandair. The minimum travel time is 15.5 hours.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Rwanda is 13.28 million (2021).


Citizens of the Russian Federation need a visa to visit Rwanda. In addition, you should purchase travel medical insurance in advance, without which traveling around Africa is simply unreasonable.


Import and export of foreign currency is allowed without restrictions; At the entrance to the country, you must fill out a declaration. It is forbidden to export the national currency – when leaving the country, before passing through passport control, it is necessary to make a reverse exchange.

You can import 200 cigarettes, a liter of alcoholic beverages of any strength, photo and video equipment for personal use, and personal jewelry into the country duty-free.

Weapons and explosives, drugs, and pornography are prohibited from being imported. It is forbidden to export from the country products made of ivory, skins and body parts of animals. Products made of gold, diamonds and spices must be accompanied by documents on their purchase.

Rwanda Hotels

Rwanda hotels, especially in the capital Kigali, boast a good level of service. On the territory of national parks, the usual type of accommodation is lodges and campsites, both upscale and basic.


The monetary unit of the country is the Rwandan franc (RWF), in 1 franc there are 100 centimes. Current exchange rate: 10 RWF = 0.56 RUB (1 USD = 1035.97 RWF, 1 EUR = 1089.85 RWF).

You can exchange currency at the branches of the National Bank of Rwanda and exchange offices (bureau de change). In the latter, the course is a little more profitable, but it is worth once again carefully counting the money issued. Exchange services are also offered by street money changers, which it is better to refuse in order to protect yourself from fraud. Dollars and EUR are accepted equally willingly.

Credit cards can only be used in a few high-end hotels and restaurants in the capital. Most ATMs are not connected to the international network, and cash withdrawals are made only from local credit cards. You can receive cash from a foreign bank card only at the offices of the Bank of Kigali (Banque du Kigali).

Useful phone numbers

Embassy of Rwanda in Moscow: Mosfilmovskaya st., 50 building 1; tel. (499) 147-19-92.

Embassy of Russia in Kigali: avenue de l’Armée, 19; tel. (252) 575-286, fax 503-322.

Rescue service – 112.


In the cities of Rwanda, especially in Kigali, you can travel by motorcycle and regular taxis (the latter are less common). This is a very cheap mode of transport: a fairly long trip will cost about 600 RWF. There are also bicycle taxis in the countryside. Moto-taxi drivers are dressed in a green vest and a helmet with an individual number. A helmet is also offered to the passenger.

To cover longer distances, use the services of minibuses designed for 7 passengers. Unlike neighboring countries, Rwandan drivers comply with the places and the number of people transported, which makes the trip more or less comfortable.

Popular tourist destinations are served by separate bus routes: Virunga Express Bus, Belvedere Bus, Volcanoes Bus and Impala Express Bus.

On a domestic Rwandair flight, you can fly from Kigali to the port of Changugu on Lake Kivu.

Rent a Car

Car rental services in Rwanda are almost at a complete zero. For free movement around the country, we recommend using public transport or joining organized excursions. Alternatively, you can rent a car with a driver at one of the travel agencies (from 25,000 RWF) or arrange to rent a motorcycle taxi or minibus for the whole day.

Tourist safety

Rwanda is considered a safe country to visit. The locals are warm and friendly towards tourists.

Rwandan society is quite conservative, so you should not appear in public in revealing clothes and express emotions in public (this applies to both manifestations of tenderness and discontent). It is not customary to eat and drink in public. The conversation should not touch on racial topics (for example, asking the interlocutor about his ethnicity) and bypass political issues.

To visit Rwanda, you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever, and vaccinations against hepatitis A and meningitis will not be superfluous – the country is periodically shaken by outbreaks of this disease. There is a significant number of HIV carriers in the country.

Rwanda Hotels