5 Must for Tourists in Agadir

What five things should you not miss to try if you go as a tourist to Agadir, a nice tourist town along Morocco’s Atlantic coast? A city located in the southwestern parts of Morocco where there is much to do and experience. Let’s take a closer look at some things you should not miss!

5 must for tourists in Agadir

Excursion to Essaouira

Not far from Agadir is the city of Essaouira, which was a center during the Middle Ages for the trade in purple, a dye extracted from a special shell. The exclusive color was very rare, and something that mainly kings and emperors used. In Essaouira you get to experience culture, history and the wings of history. Essaouira is located a bit north of Agadir, and that city is also located on the Atlantic coast. Essaouira has become known as a colony of artists with many white houses. You go here as an artist to find inspiration for your painting. The city is a fairly small but very nice coastal town and has a bohemian character. The artists’ colony has really made an impression on the city!

Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

If you get tired for a while of sunbathing and swimming in Agadir, head inland and experience the mighty Atlas Mountains with their snowy mountain peaks. Here you look out over a barren and fabulous magical landscape and get a glimpse of both the mountainous areas of Morocco but also the incredibly large and vast desert of the Sahara. Hiking in the mountains is best and safest with an experienced guide and you should also bring plenty of water, because the Moroccan sun is not as friendly as the Swedish but takes quite a lot on those who are not used to it. Sunglasses and a sun hat to make the mountainous paths and hikes a little less strenuous are highly recommended. In the mountains you get closer to the local Morocco and its less plump and more simple and spartan countryside. The contrasts in the country are very exciting.

Golf rounds in Agadir

For those of you who want to combine a classic sunny holiday where you mostly sunbathe, swim and have a cozy time with a little playing golf, Agadir has exactly what you want. There are many golf courses near Agadir, yes more than you can actually imagine! Here you get the chance to play golf on holiday if you want to leave Sweden but keep the golf and golf playing while you are traveling. Or why not go down in the autumn when the Swedish golf season has ended and play a few rounds and enjoy the heat and the Moroccan cuisine?

Moroccan cuisine

When you are in Morocco and Agadir, do not miss to enjoy the delicacies of the local cuisine. You can try a delicious fish restaurant with delicacies from the Atlantic in the local marina or head to the central parts of Agadir with a taxi (a taxi ride costs as little as 10-20 kroner) and for example eat a spicy dish with couscous or falafel. Large parts of the range have also taken influences and inspiration from French cuisine, which is logical since Morocco is a former French colony.

Enjoy sun, swimming and jet skiing!

Swimming is never wrong and in the clear, warm seas of the Atlantic, it becomes irresistible to throw yourself into the mud and swim, or why not try to learn to surf with windsurfing or jet skiing?

Agadir’s best beaches

According to ejinhua, Agadir will probably be the most famous coastal city in Morocco. This will of course be about sun and swimming. In addition, Agadir will also be a place that offers good waves for all surfers. However, this will not at all hold the same class as a trip to Taghazout. This then means that those who travel to Agadir will be the ones who take it a little calmer. Yes, at least on the beaches. When it comes to nightlife, it can be completely different.

Now, however, this should not be about the nightlife but which beaches you will find in Agadir, and which of these are the best. Here it is also the case that a small tip about good accommodation on the various beaches will be sneaked in, so that you can make sure that you are always close to the beach that is best for you and a holiday in Agadir. When it comes to beaches in Agadir, this will also be a bit misleading. Here there is a beach, then it is about those that are directly adjacent to this very popular tourist town.

The beach in Agadir

Here we are of course talking about the biggest magnet that keeps all tourists in place. This is due to the fact that it is directly adjacent to Agadir and that it is actually also very beautiful. In any case, in other words, it will be very well attended, which then means that those with demands for a little freedom who do not want so many around them make a better choice of a nearby beach.